LG fans are excited to win the championship for the first time in 29 years…Even “Newspaper Chaos”!

Players as well as fans who have been cheering for a long time were overwhelmed by the news that the LG Twins won the regular season title for the first time in 29 years on the 3rd. In commemoration of this, exciting LG fans started to get paper newspapers containing the news of the victory, which unexpectedly led to a “newspaper chaos.”

Online used trading platforms “Carrot Market” and “Joongnara” posted on the 4th that they would buy a paper newspaper containing the news of LG’s victory on the front page. This is to commemorate the newspaper’s first victory in 29 years.

One LG fan expressed his intention to purchase it, saying, “It’s okay with how many copies you have,” adding, “I’ll give you up to 10,000 won.” Considering that a copy of a paper newspaper usually costs 1,000 won, it is 10 times the price.

On social media X (formerly Twitter), there were a series of posts from fans who wanted to buy paper newspapers.

An X user expressed regret over not being able to purchase a paper newspaper, saying, “I went to five newspapers and convenience stores near my house, but they said they were out of stock.”

Actor Soyeon Kim, who is famous for being a fan since the days of MBC Blue Dragon, the predecessor of the LG Twins, also joined the newspaper chaos.

On the 5th, Soyeon Kim posted a photo on Instagram with a paper newspaper that told the news of LG’s victory along with the LG Twins’ winning commemorative ball in 1990.

She called the ball with the MBC Blue Dragon logo ‘Treasure’ and said, “Thank you” for winning LG.

On Naver’s cafe “Twin Madang,” where LG fans gathered, an article appeared that it would share 2,900 winning emblem stickers to commemorate its first win in 29 years.

The writer said, “I urgently made stickers because I wanted to give them to our LG fans,” and added, “Please accept them happily as it is a good day.”

In addition, in the video commemorating the victory posted on the LG Twins’ official YouTube channel “LGTWINSTV,” fans who waited for LG’s victory for a long time poured in comments.

“I was a high school freshman in 1994 (when LG last won), and now my son is a high school freshman,” an LG fan said, “Thank you and I love all our team members.”

Another fan also wrote, “When I was in elementary school, the child who watched the last first pitch, which was confirmed to win the Korean Series, became middle-aged in his 40s,” adding, “It’s really touching.”

After the game against Lotte in Sajik on the 4th, LG’s team simply enjoyed the regular league championship ceremony. LG plans to move to Jamsil and hold a championship event on the 6th, when the final home game is scheduled. 안전놀이터

LG enjoyed its heyday by winning the combined championship in 1990 and 1994, but it fell into a long slump as it never advanced to the Korean Series since 2002.

LG, which has confirmed its regular season title, is preparing for the Korean Series and seeking its third unified victory.

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