LG 3rd baseman blushed with ‘glove-hit walk-off hit’…I sat down with a plop

KT scored four runs in the bottom of the ninth inning, trailing 0-3, creating a thrilling 4-3 reversal drama.  KT succeeded in escaping its fourth consecutive victory, maintaining second place with 64 wins, 51 losses, and two draws, and narrowing the gap between No. 1 LG from 6.5 games to 5.5 games.

LG third baseman Moon Bo-kyung jumped to catch Hwang Jae-kyun’s high-bound ball in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs and a full base leading 3-2 but had to bow to allow a walk-off hit by brushing his glove.  토토

LG introduced a luxury pitching match to fans, with Kelly and KT starting with Benjamin, showing no runs until the fifth inning. 

LG broke the tight 0 march first. After Shin Min-jae got on base with a hit in the top of the sixth inning, Shin Min-jae, who made a quick start when Kim Hyun-soo hit to the left, headed to third base and scored the first run when Austin made a right foul fly. 

In the top of the eighth inning, LG advanced to third base due to Shin Min-jae’s walk against KT’s second pitcher Son Dong-hyun, and the opponent’s catcher’s error following the steal. Kim Hyun-soo’s timely hit to the right made the lead 2-0.  

In the top of the ninth inning, KT Kim Young-hyun allowed a walk to Kim Min-sung with two outs, and Joey-hyun ran to LG 3-0 with Park Hae-min’s left-handed hit and Hong Chang-ki’s timely double. 

At the bottom of the ninth inning, Ko Woo-suk, who led the victory by throwing 1⅔3 innings the previous day, came to the mound. However, he allowed a double to leadoff hitter Moon Sang-chul and allowed Jang Sung-woo to hit a timely hit between left and right. He seemed to take a breather by striking out An Chi-young, but gave up a walk to Park Kyung-soo, allowing Bae Jung-dae a timely hit on the first and second bases, allowing him to chase by one point. 

With two outs and a full base, Hwang Jae-kyun hit Ko Woo-suk’s fifth pitch. Moon Bo-kyung, who will catch the high mound, jumped, but the ball hit Moon Bo-kyung’s glove and fell back, and the game ended with second baseman Kim Sang-soo stepping home. 

In disappointment, Moon Bo-kyung did not get up for a while because he did not collapse in the third base ground and headed to the dugout with consolation from his teammates.

LG starter Kelly pitched seven innings with two hits, two walks, eight strikeouts, and no runs, but unfortunately missed his ninth win of the season due to the bullpen’s poor performance.

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