Kim Ha-sung scores RBI with exquisite bunt hit… Team comes from behind to beat Washington

Kim Ha-sung of the San Diego Padres scored an RBI with a bunt that caught him off guard and the team won a dramatic come-from-behind victory. 토토사이트 순위

Kim Ha-sung started as the seventh shortstop in a home game against the Washington Nationals at Petco Park on Saturday (Korea time), and recorded one hit, one run, one RBI, one walk, and one strikeout from three times at bat. He posted a batting average of 0.221 for this season.

The Korean team won 7-6 at the end of extra time. Jurickson Profar’s two-base hit that went over the right-center fence made the finishing hit.

Kim Ha-sung’s team scored three points in the top of the second inning and contributed to this. Kim Ha-sung, who came to the batter’s box with one out and runners on the first and third bases, buntted on the 92.5-mile sinker of opposing starter Patrick Corbin.

The bunt ball rolled superbly along the inside of the third-base foul line. Not only did the third baseman come home, but Kim Ha-sung also survived on the first base, making it an infield hit.

The next batter, Kyle Higashioka, homered with leading runner Donovan Solano when he hit a double that cut right-center. San Diego took a 3-0 lead.

However, the San Diego Padres’ lineup was frozen afterwards. Since Manny Machado’s hit to the center field in the third inning, the Dodgers struggled as not a single batter could get on base until the ninth inning.

Washington starter Patrick Corbin pitched seven innings of five hits, five strikeouts, and three runs to block the San Diego Padres’ lineup.

Washington, which had 22 come-from-behind wins, the most in the league before the game, was persistent.

Joey Meneses was at the center of the counterattack. He had a double in the third inning, an infield hit in the fifth inning, and a hit to left in the seventh inning to garner three RBIs.

Kim Ha-sung’s defense was also regrettable. In the top of the fifth inning, CJ Abrams’ ball fell behind the pitcher with no outs and runners on the first base, but catching a hit was deflected off his glove.

If he had caught it, he could have caught at least one runner. However, he managed to salvage all runners. The official record was set as a single.

San Diego starter Matt Waldron then caught two outs well, but then allowed Meneses an infield hit and lost a point.

Waldron allowed five hits, two walks, eight strikeouts and two runs in six innings, and withdrew without a loss.

The game was decided in overtime. Enel de Los Santos, who blocked two outs well in the top of the 10th inning, allowed a double by Kibert Ruiz and was hit by a two-run homer by Nick Senzel.

San Diego chased Donovan Solano’s double to left in the bottom of the 10th inning, followed by Jackson Merrill’s hit to center.

Washington D.C. pitcher Hunter Harvey lost control of the ball. He drew a walk after five pitches, continuing his chances with runners on the first and second bases with no outs.

The come-from-behind runner got on base, and the attack fell to the upper lineup. Profar did not miss it. After a seven-ball match with Harvey, the right-center gap ended the game with a recognition double. Kim Ha-sung scored the winning run.

Washington sent Luis Arraez to intentional pitches with two outs and runners on second and third, but it was a bad choice as a result.

The game was recorded as San Diego’s fifth walk-off victory this season. Last season, there were only two walk-off wins.

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