Kang Baek-ho cried at the noise of salary negotiations for ‘half of the shock’…Will I be healthy this year

It is the off-season, the season for salary negotiations. Different clubs have different speeds, but this is almost the final stage. This is a time when two or three players, who are having difficulty negotiating, will feel bad about clubs until the end. 경마사이트

KT Wiz had a hard time negotiating salaries last year. It was because of Kang Baek-ho, the team’s star player. Due to injury in the 2022 season, Kang only played 62 games. He hit .245 with six homers and 29 RBIs. Based on his report card, I felt ashamed. The following year, he inevitably had to cut his salary. However, Kang, who had been dissatisfied with the cut, did not sign his name until the end.

The news was made public and the fans criticized him. He meant that wanting money without showing anything was not the attitude that he had to show as a star. Finally, he signed the contract crying over 290 million won (222,000 U.S. dollars), which was cut by half. He belatedly got on the plane because he failed to meet the departure period for the spring camp, and said, “I will show you that my salary does not divide a player’s salary.”

However, Kang’s 2023 season was not smooth either. He could not play properly due to panic disorder. He only had eight homers and 39 RBIs in 71 games this year. To make matters worse, he was so motivated that he got hurt while preparing for the fall baseball season that he failed to make the roster of the playoffs and the Korean Series. The only positive news was that he received military service benefits from the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

It was the same as last year. Then, was Kang offered a huge cutback plan? Then, did he not accept it? Reportedly, Kang has already reached an agreement with the club. He ended the salary negotiations without making any noise. Regardless of his money, Kang is reportedly preparing for the restoration of his reputation as “desperate.”

Clubs must have had difficulty crushing the pride of star players due to drastic cuts for two consecutive years. The team negotiated with a policy of protecting some level of self-esteem and motivating them to perform well in the new season. After overcoming the pain of ranking second in the Korean Series last year, KT is aiming for its second championship. What is absolutely necessary is the revival of Kang. Only when Kang takes advantage of the chance at the center, the power of batters can be consolidated.

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