INDIA VERSUS AUSTRALIA – ‘What Rabindra Jadeja puts forward…’: Michael Vaughan tweets as Australian media finds ‘doubtful moment’ in first test

A BCI source later told news agency PTI that Rabindra Jadeja had applied “an ointment for relieving sore fingers.” Ravindra Jadeja gave a strong performance on the comeback, choosing five wicket holes on the first Test day against Australia in Nagpur. Jadeja did most of her bowling in the Zamta Dust Bowl and got her 11th Fifa (5/47) from 22 overs, which helped India skit Australia with a small 177, after the visitors decided to make their first strike in the series opener. Ravindran Ashwin, who probably dominated the Australian mind space more than his spin mate, won 3/42 at 15.5 overs and completed 450 wickets in Test cricket in the process. 바카라사이트

When embarrassed, Rohit Sharma’s 56 counterattack did not completely command India, with the host finishing the day with one point from 77 and being chased by 100 points. But there seems to be a controversy over a video in which Jadeja appears to be taking something from Mohammed Shiraz and applying material to his fingers. Australian media outlet reported and posted the same tweet: “It’s interesting. Controversy erupted after a mysterious moment was seen in the first innings of the first Test between Australia and India.”

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