“Hwaseong Chung Ha” is the winner of the race with 3 ice cream…”I have to run to win IBK!”

This is the answer of IBK Lee Jin, nicknamed “Hwaseong Chung Ha” because he resembles singer Chung Ha.

IBK players were running on the hot track at 4:30 p.m. on the 17th at Yongin Campus Grand Stadium in Myongji University, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. 바카라사이트

Head coach Kim Ho-chul, who took over as the head coach of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in the middle of the season, cited one of the players’ problems as physical strength after the season.

So from this season, I wanted to strengthen the basics. Coach Kim Ho-chul, who convened the team in mid-April, focused on full-fledged physical training in May after building muscles that were loosened with weights.

The athletes who warm up lightly go around the 400m track seven times. The distance is 2.8 km, and it takes about an hour and a half.

And take a rest for about 5 minutes. Special ice cream snacks arrived on this day. The players breathed heavily and let go of the heat and fatigue with ice cream for a while.

When asked if Lee Jin, who ran to the lead without feeling tired, had ever played as a track and field athlete, he replied, “No, I’ve never done track and field.” Lee Jin went around the track with quite a distance difference from other players who started with him.

Lee Jin, who turned seven laps first, picked up three ice creams like a greedy person in front of an ice box with ice cream. After that, “Oh, I have to run again.” Then I’ll have to eat one later,” he said, putting the ice cream he picked back into the ice box.

Lee Jin-gwa’s athletes continue to train for running while reducing their intensity, including four 200m laps and five 50m laps, after a honey-like break.

Head coach Kim Ho-chul said, “Basic physical strength is important for players.” “I think the basis of all exercise is track and field, that is, running,” he said. “Running is a very effective exercise, such as balancing the body and losing weight in areas that you don’t need.” He then said, “The players had a hard time at first, but now they seem to have adjusted to some extent.” IBK players are usually building muscles with weights, but they are having a really hard training on Tuesday and Friday.

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