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‘Golf Empress’ Park Inbee says “why?” on retirement, “not yet” on comeback

‘Golf Empress’ Park In-bee, who took a break from playing golf after giving birth to her daughter, said she is not planning to retire from the game, but will…

‘Golf Empress’ Park In-bee, who took a break from playing golf after giving birth to her daughter, said she is not planning to retire from the game, but will not return to the tour anytime soon.

“As a golf player, I don’t think I need to declare my retirement,” said Park, who participated in the ‘Jexio Father & Son 2023 Team Classic,’ a golf tournament organized by Dunlop Sports Korea at Anseong Benest Golf Club in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province, as a Jexio ambassador.

“If you say you’re going to quit golf, you might change your mind,” he said, adding, “I have a permanent seed on both the U.S. and Korean tours, so I’m going to take it easy and see what happens.”

However, Park said she will not be taking to the field as a player for the time being, saying, “I think it will be difficult to return to the tour next year.”

Park’s lack of training and practice makes it difficult for her to dedicate herself to touring, as the Paris Olympics will be held next year, when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will select its athletes.

Park In-bee, who played all 18 holes with her coach and husband Nam Ki-hyeop, said, “I’ve played ‘myung rang golf’ many times since I gave birth.” “I hit the ball well in the first round after giving birth, but it’s a little different nowadays,” she laughed coolly.

Park, who is now busy taking care of her 6-month-old daughter, gave an unexpected answer to the question, “Which is harder, golf or parenting?” saying that parenting is easier and more fun.

“Of course, it’s easier because I have a lot of people helping me, including my husband,” she added.

“My daughter is so beautiful,” Park In-bee said, adding, “I want her to be a golfer too, and I want to compete in this tournament with her in the future.”

The Jexio Father & Son 2023 Team Classic, held for the seventh time this year, is the only father and son golf tournament in Korea.

Jexio Ambassadors Inbee Park, Na-yeon Choi, and Ha-neul Kim participated with their husbands, brothers, and fathers, respectively.

Park In-bee, who has won 20 of her 21 career victories with Jexio clubs, told the participants how to putt well, saying, “It’s important to have your own sense of putt,” and advised them to “not pay too much attention to the technical part or stroke, but to use your own sense.”

In particular, Park In-bee said, “Don’t be greedy to putt too much and put it at a distance where you can get OK if it doesn’t go in. Above all, distance is important,” she said, adding, “I often look at the hole, which improves my sense of distance.”

On the day, 120 players from 60 teams participated in the Jexio Father & Son 2023 Team Classic. There were more than 500 applicants, who were selected according to the criteria set by Dunlop Sports Korea. 스포츠토토

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