Five U-22 volunteers alone, and even if the “gum” runs, it wins…Pohang’s “power” that has solidified with “eight unbeaten games”

Pohang won 2-0 in an away match against Incheon United in the 29th round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2023” at Incheon Football Stadium on the 2nd. Pohang, which has been undefeated in eight games (4 wins and 4 draws), has virtually entered a mode of solidifying its second place. Pohang also confirmed its advance to the Final A (semi-finals) early on. Pohang, which has 53 points, cannot exceed Pohang’s seventh-ranked Incheon (40 points) even if it loses all four remaining games.

Above all, there was also “bleeding” ahead of the Incheon match. Striker Hong Yoon-sang, who moved to Pohang in the summer transfer market and scored two consecutive goals, left. Hong Yoon-sang joined the U-22 national team led by head coach Hwang Sun-hong as an alternative candidate. Head coach Kim hoped to use Hong Yoon-sang against Incheon, but he couldn’t help but send him to the national team call.

Pohang has recently lost its depth of side resources. With Jung Jae-hee’s return continuously delayed, even Baek Sung-dong, who plays as the main player, left due to a knee injury. Kim In-sung and Kim Seung-dae are the only two side strikers among the existing main resources. Kim Seung-dae is also difficult to classify as a typical side striker. This is why Hong Yoon-sang’s presence was more necessary. 바카라사이트

Therefore, coach Kim included five U-22 resources on his roster against Incheon. It’s a de facto ‘struggle’. In particular, Park Hyung-woo, a side striker born in 2004, will play for the first time this season. He was replaced after 45 minutes of doing his part. Of the U-22 resources, all four except Park Kun-woo stepped on the ground.

Nevertheless, Pohang has produced results. Pohang struggled somewhat with Incheon’s speed, but the defense remained focused until the end and kept scoreless. And the unanswered attack succeeded in both penalty kicks and won three points.

One of the conditions of a strong team is the so-called “congratulatory victory.” Pohang has only lost four games (14 wins and 11 draws) in 29 games this season. It has fewer losses than Ulsan Hyundai (19 wins, 4 draws, and 5 losses). This means that he has demonstrated his ‘potential’ that much. Pohang’s enduring “power” is a big asset to the team. Pohang will start the Asian Champions League (ACL) group stage with an away match against Hanoi (Vietnam) on the 20th. In addition, the semifinals of the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup will also be held in November. Pohang’s enduring power is becoming stronger over the season.

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