Doosan Jung Chul-won met in the dugout after the closing switch in August

Commentator Lee Dong-hyun was also concerned about Chung Chul-won’s overload problem. “Jeong Chul-won is a player who has been aiming for the end with the ultimate goal. Talent itself is definitely the best save player. I don’t think the change of position during the season would have had a significant impact on the player. It’s not a matter of lack of preparation,” he said, before adding, “I think I’ve been noticeably tired recently. The accumulated fatigue problem,” he said.

Commissioner Lee, who mentioned “strong ball power that flies like a tear in a catcher’s mitt” as Jeong Chul-won’s strength, said, “It’s not the ball that it used to be.” I can see the tiredness at a glance. From the batter’s point of view, most of them are clean balls that come in high angles. “Losing confidence leads to control in the middle or ambiguous corner work,” he added. This problem also appeared in the process of giving up a tiebreaking home run and a walk in the game on the 10th.

Finally, committee member Lee said, “It’s a busy time with the ranking fight, but Doosan is deeply troubled by the operation of the must-win group. Other bullpen efforts are also needed, and the team should also pay attention to Chung Chul-won to overcome the current growth pain, he said. 스포츠토토

Jung Cheol-won’s dream was to finish Doosan. Although it wasn’t a normal coronation, it finally came true this season. The reporter remembers twenty-four Jeong Chul-won, who said in a bold tone at the end of August, “I will never let go of the team’s finish and take responsibility for my whole life.” Perhaps as important as Doosan’s entry into the fall baseball league is the management of the rising star, who will be responsible for the team’s mound’s teenage years.

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