“Don’t you go away? How dare you!”Liverpool player hits the head of the crowd → He even takes his hat

Liverpool beat Arsenal 2-0 in the third round (round of 64) of the 2023-24 English FA Cup held at the Emirates Stadium in London, England at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday (Korea time). Liverpool has now advanced to the round of 32.

Arsenal took the lead in the game itself. Liverpool did not lose a point against Arsenal. Liverpool was also able to win if the opportunity came to Liverpool because it was a 0-0 situation. Liverpool got a free kick in a good position in the 35th minute of the second half, which led to Jakob Kivior’s own goal. 안전 슬롯사이트

After Kivior’s own goal, Liverpool players ran to the ceremony with Trent Alexander-Arnold, who handled the free kick. Bobby Clark was the first to join Alexander-Arnold, and Luis Díaz and other players ran to the corner flag to cheer together.

As soon as the Liverpool players began to tangle together, a man wearing a black hat jumped into the Liverpool players and attempted to celebrate together. It was an intrusive crowd. Safety personnel deployed to the stadium rushed to stop the intrusive crowd.

At this time, Darwin Núñez and Ibrahimá Conate also acted to protect their colleagues from the violent crowd. Núñez began to hit the head of the intrusive crowd. Conate, who saw this, also hit the intrusive crowd on the head and took off his hat and threw it away.

The crowd was immediately dragged out after Núñez and Conate’s intense head-slapping and quick stop by safety personnel. Agitated feelings can be understood, but intrusion into the stadium is absolutely forbidden and should not be done for the sake of the players’ safety.

The British “Sports Bible” expressed this, saying, “Not only does the intruder have a headache, but he must have felt cold on his way back in the evening because Conate threw his hat.”

Meanwhile, Liverpool was able to secure a 2-0 win with Diaz’s extra goal just before the match ended. Liverpool recently managed to win three consecutive official matches. Having lost, Arsenal faced their biggest crisis of the season after losing three straight games.

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