Do you know Park Hyunkyung’s “Cute Full Bread”?…Park Hyunkyung smiles at the fans’ sincerity

On the 6th, the fourth round of the KLPGA “S-OIL Championship 2022” (total prize money of 800 million won, winning prize of 144 million won) was held at Elysian Jeju Country Club (par 72/6,711 yards) on Jeju Island. 바카라사이트

Behind Park Hyun-kyung, nicknamed “Cutie Pool,” many galleries went together. Some members of Park Hyun-kyung’s fan club had a transparent bag of bread called “Cutieful Bread” in their hands.

After plastic packaging on home-made bread, which we looked closely at, the “caution of similar products” was written. Inside the bread, there was even a cute Park Hyun-kyung character sticker with the phrase “Park Hyun-kyung achieved 1,000 career birdies.”

The main character who made the bread himself and brought it was a big fan living in Gimhae. Nicknamed “Aunt Jang Yu,” the enthusiastic fan was a homemade bread to give out snacks to professional Park Hyun-kyung and fans during the match.

Fans, nicknamed “Aunt Jang Yoo,” often come to the gallery to cheer for Park Hyun-kyung, but fans said they sometimes distribute homemade snacks like this. The taste was also delicious, but it was a gift for Park Hyun-kyung and her fans, not for ordinary sincerity.

Thanks to these fans’ support, Park Hyun-kyung appeared in 27 competitions in the 2022 season and showed steady performance without a single cut. Unfortunately, she did not win, but she finished second at the Daeyu Winia and MBN Women’s Open in August and SK Networks and Seoul Economic Ladies Classic in October. The prize money ranking was also 13th, winning 539.59 million won.

Meanwhile, KLPGA, which finished the 2022 season, will mark the 2023 season, starting with the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open in Singapore from December 9. After that, the Pacific Links PLK Championship with SBS, which will be held in Vietnam, will be held two times before taking a break until April next year.

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