D-5, if Ko Woo-suk fails to advance to ML…Should LG laugh or cry

Only five days are left. LG’s closing pitcher Ko Woo-suk, who ambitiously applied for posting to advance to the Major League, was rosy in early December. Some clubs, including the St. Louis Cardinals, expressed interest in Ko. However, the deadline for posting is approaching, and news is still pending. Ko said, “If we fail to sign a contract with a Major League club within 7 a.m. on the 4th of next month, we will fail to post.

When Ko announced his move to the Major League, LG had mixed feelings. No club would stop a big player from making inroads into the big leagues. It is something that we should sincerely congratulate him on. However, he clearly drew the line. If Ko fails to receive some treatment and goes to a “cheap price,” he said, it would be difficult to agree to the move. It was both a matter of players’ self-esteem and a matter of the club’s practical interest. The posting system pays compensation to the team depending on the player’s ransom. 슬롯사이트 순위

On top of that, LG won its first championship in 29 years and shouted for the construction of a dynasty. However, a really important finisher would be eliminated, and the red light would be turned on for the second consecutive victory. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop pointed to young pitcher Yoo Young-chan as an alternative finisher, but there was no chance that he would succeed 100% after finishing full-time. However, if Ko Woo-seok stays, LG’s chances of winning consecutive championships could be even greater. Still, LG’s opponents are not noticeable in terms of power.

If Ko fails to go to the U.S., LG should focus more on managing his players’ minds than anything else. It can be captivated by feelings of defeat and loss. It will inevitably affect the preparation for the new season. Ko should also complete his plan for the future. Fortunately, Ko will become a first free agent in the next season. He will be able to try again in the U.S. a little easier. If you have a dream about Major League Baseball, you should show more solid performance next season in Korea. It was painful to have only three wins, eight losses and 15 saves this year due to injury and sluggishness.

Or staying in Korea is a realistic option. For LG, this is a resource that LG should not miss. For LG, it is wise to keep it under a non-FA multi-year contract as its ransom could soar if it becomes a free agent, but LG is still highly likely to exceed its salary cap, which could lead to a situation where it needs to think carefully.

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