“Captain” SON praised “final goal” and “the best!” in front of fans

He has leadership and prophetic power.

Tottenham Hotspur beat Luton Town 1-0 in the eighth round of the English Premier League in the 2023-24 season at Kenilworth Road Stadium in Luton, England on the 7th.

Tottenham, which is unbeaten this season, pulled out a 4-2-3-1 formation. Captain Son Heung-min was at the forefront, and Hisharlisson, Dejan Kulusevski, and James Madison were placed in the second line. Yves Bissouma and Papersar were chosen for the third line just below. Fourback consisted of Destiny Udogi, Mickey Van Der Ben, Christian Romero and Pedro Porro. The goalkeeper gloves were worn by Guglielmo Vicario.

Tottenham launched a wave of attacks against Luton Town. At the beginning of the game, Hisharlisson had a one-on-one chance, but he was blocked by the goalkeeper. Madison’s powerful shot that followed was also caught on Kaminsky’s toes. Son Heung-min also participated in the shooting relay, but he missed the goal significantly.

Luton Town took a defensive stand against Tottenham throughout the first half. Tottenham launched an all-out offensive to break through Luton Town’s defence. But it was a shame to finish. In the 29th minute of the first half, Kulusevski attempted a sharp shot from the side. But it slightly missed the goal.

Meanwhile, Eve Bissouma was sent off in a ridiculous extra time in the first half. With one warning already in place, he attempted a simulation action to get a free kick. However, he couldn’t avoid the referee’s eyes and received a second yellow card that day. Referee John Brooks has issued a cumulative warning to Bissouma.

Tottenham, which was outnumbered by Bissouma’s exit, naturally had difficulty managing the game. At the start of the second half, Postecoglou put Pierre-Emile Hoibier in place of Hicharlissong. 스포츠토토

And in the seventh minute of the second half, Van der Ben scored a valuable first goal. James Madison, who took over the ball in a corner kick situation, peeled off an opposing defender with a fantastic breakthrough. And he passed to Van der Ben in front of the goal. Van der Ben, who took over the ball, lightly cut the net. It became the winning goal, and Tottenham won 1-0 after being outnumbered.

Van der Ben is a new central defender who has left Wolfsburg ahead of this season and joined Tottenham. The transfer fee was 50 million euros (about 72.4 billion won), including several options. He has fast feet even with a tall height of 193 centimeters, and has the advantage of being good at building up.

Van der Ben took over as Tottenham’s starting player upon joining. In the first round match against Brentford, which was his official debut, he gave up two goals and swallowed his regret. However, he played well with his partner Christian Romero and kept Tottenham’s back stable. In particular, he tied Mohamed Salah, the opponent’s striker and ace, in the 7th round against Liverpool. Until now, Tottenham has suffered from central defenders who often expose anxiety at the back, such as Eric Dier and Davinson Sanchez. However, Van der Ben successfully adapted and relieved his worries about defensive instability.

After the match, Der Ben interestingly mentioned captain Son Heung-min. According to British media ‘BBC’, Son Heung-min reportedly predicted to Van Der Ben before the match that he would score in the match. Van der Ben just laughed it off. But he scored the winning goal. Son Heung-min’s Ye-In was right.

Also, Son Heung-min did not forget his captain-like leadership after the game. In front of the away fans, he praised Van der Ben, the main character of the game. It is similar to Hisharlisson’s situation when he scored a dramatic equaliser against Sheffield United in the fifth round. At that time, Son Heung-min praised Hisharlissong in front of away fans after the game. Hisharlisson was losing confidence before the Sheffield game, having not scored a single goal in the league.

As such, Tottenham announced a smooth start to this season with captain Son Heung-min at the center. Enje Postecoglou, who took the helm this summer, appointed Son Heung-min as the new captain before the opening of the season. The transfer of his predecessor Hugo Lloris was likely, and Harry Kane, who also wore the captain’s armband instead of Lloris, left for Bayern Munich.

The effect of captain Son Heung-min was immediately apparent. At the beginning of the season, Son Heung-min helped the team play well instead of scoring. In addition, he scored his first goal of the season against Burnley in the fourth round with a hat trick. He then scored multiple goals in the sixth round away to Arsenal to save the team from crisis, and scored the first goal against Liverpool in the seventh round. Tottenham won against Liverpool for the first time in six years thanks to Son Heung-min’s performance.

Son Heung-min, who has been active during the month of September, is likely to be the Premier League’s player of the month. On the 5th (Korea Standard Time), the Premier League Secretariat revealed the players of the month for September on its official website. Premier League Player of the Month is an award given every month to the best player in the Premier League team.

Including Son Heung-min, Julian Alvarez, Mohamed Salah, Jerod Bowen, Kieran Trippier, Olly Watkins and Pedro Netu were listed. However, Son Heung-min, who scored six goals in four games held in September, has the highest number of offensive points. Tottenham is also the only team in the list of candidates who are on an unbeaten. Naturally, the prime minister is most likely.

Meanwhile, Tottenham is showing a completely different appearance from last season. Former manager Antonio Conte crashed Tottenham. Thanks to this, Tottenham remained in eighth place last season. Not to mention the UEFA Champions League (UCL) ticket, they couldn’t even get a UEFA Europa Conference League (UECL) ticket.

In order to make up for last season, Madison, Vicario and Van Der Ben were recruited one after another. In addition, he entered a new season in the era of Postecoglou. At the time of his appointment, Postecoglou raised great concerns. He lifted various trophies, including the Scottish Premiership title, but had no big league experience.

But the worry was unfounded. Coach Postecoglou is showing off his hot attack. Kane, the team’s most prolific scorer last season and the second-highest scorer in the Premier League history, has left for Munich, but he is clearly filling the gap.

In the end, Tottenham, which had six wins and two draws in eight league games, including the victory over Luton Town, took the lead over Manchester City, which played one less game.



Luke List (USA) has claimed the top spot on the United States Professional Golf (PGA) Tour after a five-player playoff. List shot a combined 18-under-par 270 in the fourth round of the Sanderson Farms Championship at the par-72 Jackson Golf Club in Mississippi, USA, on Monday (Sept. 9) to join Van Griffin (USA) and four other players in a tie for the lead.

In the sudden-death playoff on the 18th hole (par-4), List sank a long birdie putt from 13 meters after hitting his second shot onto the green to win in dramatic fashion .List used his long game to win the Farmers Insurance Open in January 2022 to boost his stock. He also won his first career title in a playoff. The victory earned him two years on the PGA Tour, as well as invitations to next year’s Masters and the season-opening Sentry Tournament of Champions.

On the final day of play, it seemed unlikely that List, who finished two strokes off the lead, would go into overtime. List even took off his hat after the 18th hole to give it to a fan. But when Griffin and Henrik Norlander (SWE), who were also in contention for the title, faltered and failed to make a shot, it opened the door for List.

Griffin, a former property insurance company employee, missed a 2.5-meter par putt 안전놀이터 on the 18th hole, sending the match into overtime .List, Griffin, Norlander, Ludwig Avery (SWE) and Scott Sterlings (USA) were the five players in the extra session. List put his second shot on the green, but the distance to the hole made a birdie look unlikely.

But List, who was the second player to make a putt in the extra session, roared after holing the decisive shot that rolled a long way into the hole. “It was a roller coaster ride,” said List. Especially in the last 20 minutes (of overtime), it was amazing,” he said



Defending English Professional Soccer Premier League (EPL) champions Manchester City have suffered their first back-to-back league losses of the season. City lost 0-1 away to Arsenal in the eighth round of the 2023-2024 EPL on Monday (Sept. 9) at the Emirates Stadium in London, England. City dropped to third place with 18 points (6W-2L).

First-place Tottenham (20 points) is level on points and goal difference, but Arsenal is second on goal difference. Prior to this match, City had won their opening six games in a row and were on pace to win last season’s “European Treble” (three titles), but conceded a late goal to Hwang Hee-chan at Wolverhampton in Round 7 and then conceded in the final minute against Arsenal today.

City and Arsenal were evenly matched in terms of ball possession, 51% to 49%.However, 카지노사이트 the Gunners held a 12-4 advantage in shots, and City’s “monster striker” Elling Holland was held without a shot on goal. City opened the scoring in the fifth minute of the first half when Yoshko Gbardiol found himself in front of the left post from a right-footed corner, but Arsenal’s Declan Rice got a hand to the ball just before it crossed the goal line.

Arsenal took the lead in the 41st minute when a long forward pass from midfield found its way into the penalty area, where Kai Havertz slipped the ball back for Gabriel Marchinelli to finish with a right-footed non-stop shot from near the penalty line.



SK Telecom [017670] announced on Sept. 9 that it has concluded its national cheering campaign, “We Are the National Team,” which it ran during the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG).

The campaign page, which was jointly operated with Naver Sports, received about 50 million supportive messages, including “cheer talk” and “likes,” exceeding the target of 10 million. The company will donate 100 million won to the Korea Sports Council for the development of the national team.

SK Telecom is releasing a series of documentaries on its sports marketing YouTube channel, 온라인카지노 “Scribble,” about its sponsored athletes’ preparation for the Asian Games, and athletes who made medal pledges at the “Team SK” Asian Games send-off ceremony in August will fulfill them.South Korea finished third overall at the Asian Games, winning 42 gold, 59 silver and 89 bronze medals.

Hee-seop Kim, Head of Communications at SK Telecom, described the campaign as “a way to publicize the passion and hard work of athletes and rally support,” and said, “We will continue to make various efforts to develop a more balanced sports scene in Korea and implement ESG in sports.”



“Eat, sleep, run,” is how coach Gervais Hakijimana (36) describes the daily routine of Kelvin Kipchoge (23-KENYA), the first man in history to run a full marathon (42.195 kilometers) in under two hours and one minute. Even when his coach warns him that “if you keep doing this, you’ll be done in five years,” he runs and runs and runs. Kipchum’s extreme training regimen of 300 kilometers a week led to a marathon world record of 2 hours, 00 minutes, 35 seconds .Kipchoge ran the 42.195-kilometer full course in 2:00:35 at the 2023 Chicago Marathon in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., on Sunday (Aug. 8), beating the previous record of 2:01:09 set by Eliud Kipchoge (38-KENYA) at the Berlin Marathon last September by 34 seconds.

The Chicago Marathon was Kipchoge’s third full marathon .Kipchoge emerged as a world-class marathoner when he ran 2:01:53 at the Valencia Marathon on Dec. 4, 2022, and four months later, on April 23, this year, he ran a “second-best time ever” of 2:01:25 at the London Marathon .Less than five months later, Kipchoge shaved 50 seconds off his time and is now the all-time men’s marathon leader .Having ranked Kipchoge as the world’s No. 1 candidate to achieve the marathon’s elusive “sub-2” (running a full marathon in under two hours), the world of athletics is now turning its attention to the 1999-born Kipchoge .Coach Hakijimana told AFP: “He trains too much. I told him, ‘This could be the end of your career in five years. “All he does throughout the day is eat, sleep and run,” he said, “but he doesn’t want to stop training.” “He needs to increase his training for a long time,” Hajimana said.

“At a time when he should be ramping up his training, Kipchoge runs 180 to 220 kilometers a week. 스포츠토토존 “In preparation for the London Marathon, I ran over 300 kilometers a week for three weeks,” he says, “and Kipchoge runs 250 to 280 kilometers a week, sometimes more. If he shows signs of fatigue, he takes a break, but he never tires. “Ten years ago, Hakijimana first met Kipchum in Chepkorio, Kenya, where he raised sheep and goats. Together with his friends, he took track and field lessons from the Rwandan coach and has been competing internationally in half marathons since 2018.

In 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he and Coach Hakizimana stayed in Kenya to train for a full marathon. In December 2022, Kipchoge ran his first full marathon in about 10 months, setting a new marathon world record. “You really need to take a month off now,” Hakijimana told Kipchoge, “and this time he’ll listen to me.”


The San Manuel to provide $125,000 to U.S. Red Cross to help restore Hawaii wildfires

Along with Palms Casino Resort, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and the San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority have donated $125,000 to help Hawaiians as they try to recover from devastating wildfires. This is the first future donation that San Manuel could consider to help people affected by the Hawaiian forest fire. The donation will help Hawaii forest fire relief efforts and damage, and provide help to affected emergency food and other communities.

Mission Chairman Lynn Valbuena and San Manuel and Director Latisha Prieto of the Gaming Hospitality Authority say the tribe sees the devastating impact of the wildfires on Maui Island, with families calling it their hometowns, brave professional paramedics and other emergency workers helping with the recovery efforts. 카지노사이트

“Our hearts are filled with sympathy and hope for the people of Maui,” said Valbuena. “It takes time to recover from the tragedy suffered by the people of Hawaii. The destruction of Rahaina, the neighbours across the beautiful island of Maui, and the tourism industry is intolerable. We want to expand aid in a way that is as effective as possible.”

Latisha Prieto, the chairman of SMGHA, said, “During an important time in our history, our tribe has found solace in the sympathy of those who have extended their resources to our community. Now we have an opportunity to reach out to the Hawaiian community struggling with the destruction of forest fires.”

Support for the Red Cross by SMGHA and Palms is a further extension of the philanthropy of Palms Care and San Manuel. The tribe has been working with the American Red Cross for more than 20 years.

“We have important staff and guests who are deeply connected to Maui and the Hawaiian Islands,” said Cynthia Kiser Murphy, general manager of Palms Casino Resort. “We take strong pride in our first responders and the American Red Cross providing unwavering support for their important efforts. The Palms team will work closely with SMGA on our additional programs and the activities of Hawaiians.”


The professional football season is just around the corner, and guests are invited to the season’s kickoff tailgate party at the heart of the Mohegan Sun Fan Dual Sportsbook

The professional football season is just around the corner, and guests are invited to the season’s kickoff tailgate party at the heart of the Mohegan Sun Fan Dual Sportsbook from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, September 7 to prepare for a big score. Guests can watch all live action on the 140ft video wall of the Mohegan Sun Fandual Sportsbook, the largest in the Northeast, while enjoying the best tailgate atmosphere. The season’s kickoff tailgate party will feature matchday grooves, icy drinks, live music from DJ Flip, high-energy fellowship with fellow fans, and special encounters and greetings from Patriot cheerleaders. 슬롯머신

Table reservations are recommended and can be made at . Customers who book seats for the season’s kickoff tailgate party will be eligible for overnight prizes. The draw for the grand prize will be held at half-time and will include four tickets to watch the Red Sox’s game at Fenway Park on September 26 with Birdlight offering. The Mohegan Sun Panduel Sportsbook also invites customers to offer a full selection of classic, mouth-watering dishes that perfectly match the menu you choose from the entire bar. The new menu includes a full pork sandwich served with Tater Tote and a shrimp poboy served with French fries. The Mohegan Sun Panduel Sports Book also includes Burger of the Month and Hotdogs in its new menu. To be eligible for all prizes, you must be present at the time of the draw and all customers must be 21 years old or older to enter the Mohegan Sun Fanduel Sportsbook.


A federal administrative court in Leipzig

A federal administrative court in Leipzig ruled on Tuesday that collection of municipal betting office taxes could not be allowed. The ruling marks the end of a year-long legal dispute over a cost tax imposed by the city of Dortmund in favor of betting shop operators.

The three plaintiffs were operators of the betting office in Dortmund who arranged racing and sports betting at their betting office. One of the operators also organized horse racing as a betting man. The plaintiffs appealed against the city of Dortmund’s tax assessment of imposing a city betting store tax based on its total betting stake.

Complaints about the area of the betting store on the basis of the assessment were initially dismissed in a lower court ruling. However, the Munster High Administrative Court allowed an appeal. The reason was the issue of prohibiting tax similarities.

This means that local tax may not be similar to the tax regulated by federal law. In 2019, Professor Gregor Kirchhoff, director of the Augsburg Institute for Business and Tax Law, pointed out the violation of the similarity ban on betting petitions in Dortmund.

An expert opinion commissioned by the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) said the city’s betting tax relies on the same “source of economic efficiency” as the federal sports betting tax, resulting in uniformity that violates basic law. 파칭코

The Federal Administrative Court has now reached this conclusion. Regarding the ruling, he explained that taxes prescribed under federal law in the Race Betting and Lottery Act are of the same kind, so the city betting office tax in Dortmund is not allowed.

The federal administration concluded by emphasizing that each state has the authority to enact a local tax, but this may not be the same type of tax as federal law stipulates.


“I’ll give my right arm for the team.” Brave rookie…But he aimed for the KBO presidency

Reporter Kwak Kyung-hoon] NC nominated Hwimoon High School Kim Hwi-gun in the first round at the ‘2024 KBO Rookie Draft’ held at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul on the 14th.

Whimoon High School Kim Whimoon is the first son of Jung Yoon-sook, who played in the basketball festival and the WKBL.

Kim Hwi-gun, who wore an NC uniform, first encountered basketball, but soon changed his course to baseball. After playing at Cheonan Bukil High School, I transferred to Whimoon High School. 토토사이트

In nine high school games, he recorded an ERA of 2.12 with 17 hits, 48 strikeouts, and 21 walks in two wins, three losses and 34 innings.

In the commemorative photo taken after the end of the draft, all players wearing uniforms from 10 clubs appeared on stage. The top-ranked players took their seats in order.

Later on to the stage, Kim Hwi-gun tried to sit in an empty seat between Hwang Joon-seo, the first pick in the first round, and Kim Taek-yeon, the second pick. The center position was that of KBO President Heo Gu-yeon. The host quickly said, “That’s the president’s seat,” and quickly moved away.

His colleagues were happy with a big smile at Kim’s confident behavior.

Lim Sun-nam, head of NC, said of Kim Hwi-gun, “He is a special starter with excellent physical conditions, athletic ability, and explosive ball power. I think he’s a player who’s gone past his boundless potential. I think I will show fans throwing the ball on the mound at Changwon NC Park in the not-too-distant future,” he said.

Kim Hwi-gun, who wore an NC uniform, said, “I would like to thank NC officials for selecting me as the first “first player. I sincerely thank the chairman of Whimoon High School, the principal, director Oh Tae-geun, and the coaches who guided me until I stood here. And I want to say thank you so much to my parents who suffered the most. It wasn’t easy to stand here, but I came here because you believed and supported me. I love you.”

“Lastly, I was born in Changwon, started baseball in Changwon, and when I was young, I dreamed of becoming a baseball player while watching NC. Eventually, I came back to NC after going around. I will return the love that NC gave me 1,000 times. I’ll dedicate my right arm for NC. When I think of a club called NC in the future, I will make sure my name comes out. I want to help the team win the Korean Series,” he said, drawing the attention of participants and fans.


It’s actually legal to gamble on the web.

You have to play, but don’t be afraid if you’re slowing down due to concerns about the legality of your US gambling destination! These location-focused laws and guidelines are aligned with the business sector itself and its activity base. Here are the 10 best online gambling sites details. 온라인카지노

Web-based gambling is considered entirely legal at the government level. Anyway, in general, the state controls its formation and direction. For customers in the United States, the area of people betting or playing games is often optional for recipients. Finally, all legality inquiries go back to the game club area or where the site works.

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