Bae Jun-ho Decides to Transfer to Stoke City “It’s a Second Division but it’s a Step for Growth!

It’s a second division, but it will be of great help to Bae Jun-ho’s growth”.

Bae Joon-ho left for England via Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 28th.

 At the airport

Daejeon Hana Citizen general manager Lee Jo-young

club staff and fans came to see Bae Jun-ho off.

In an interview prior to departure

Bae Jun-ho said

It’s a moment I’ve always dreamed of

but I wanted to go.

I wanted to advance to Europe

and I thought the final goal was the big leagues.

I’m still excited.”

Bae Jun-ho plans to join the team immediately after completing the negotiations if there are no problems after conducting a medical test in England on the 29th.

Bae Joon-ho helped Korea advance to the semifinals at the FIFA Under-20 World Cup. 

And he got interest from several clubs. 


where national team captain Son Heung-min is active

also showed interest. 


Bae Jun-ho considered the opportunity to participate as important.

He was headed to Stoke City 토토

where he could play often and showed an active interest.

Lim Se-jin

CEO of Root One Sports

Bae’s agent


Stoke City was aggressive towards Bae.

After the defeat at Millwall, the club said that Bae needed to be there.

I looked it up and decided that Stoke City would be the best place for (Bae) Junho in the current situation.

CEO Lim was not worried about advancing to the second division

Stoke City. Rather he judged that he would be able to get more active opportunities than in the European periphery.

CEO Lim Se-jin said

Even if the championship is in the second division

the level is higher than that of the Netherlands and Belgium.

The facilities are well equipped

so I thought it would be of great help for Bae Jun-ho to grow.

Stoke City is currently undergoing a major rebuild.

They recruited 15 new players this season

including Bae Jun-ho.

Bae Jun-ho is highly anticipated as a player who will add creativity to Stoke City

which is known for its bold football.


Daejeon also actively worked on Bae Jun-ho’s overseas expansion.

He was active because he was a player who joined the team after being called from a citizen team to a corporate team.

He has made a big decision for the future of his players

despite the loss of team power. On this day

Daejeon club officials also visited and cheered at the departure hall. It is known that not only the club

but also Chairman Ham Young-joo of Hana Financial Group

the parent company, actively encouraged Bae’s transfer. 

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