“Are you really warming up here?” Reporters who lost their seats…Players and reporters are in trouble

Photographers on the other side are covering behind board A.(Top) / The players’ warm-up zone stretches right in front of board A.

This is what Hwang In-beom, who recently moved to FC Seoul, said as he moved to the warm-up zone (place where substitute players warm up) to make his home debut at Sangam on the 8th.

The match between FC Seoul and Suwon FC in the 11th round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2022” was held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the afternoon of the 8th. Prior to the match, FC Seoul and Suwon FC had the same 11 points, but Seoul, ahead of multiple points, was in 8th place and Suwon was in 7th place. The ranking was changing depending on the results of the day. 바카라사이트

About 15 minutes after the first half began, FC players, including Hwang In-beom, headed to the warm-up zone to warm up with the trainer. In the K League, the warm-up zone is installed between the front of the headquarters and the ground, or in front of the stands. The warm warp zone made of artificial grass is easy to move and can be moved to the desired location.

Seoul players who were looking for the warm-up zone prepared to warm up in the warm-up zone, which is closely attached to the A board. Some photographers and players who were covering in the photo booth overlapped. Both the reporters and the players were embarrassed. Because they were closer together than necessary.

On the ground, the photojournalist’s seat is 9.15m between the goalpost and the corner flag. It’s right behind board A for advertising. However, in Sangam, the warm-up zone of the players and the reporters’ seats overlap. Compared to other stadiums’ warm-up zones, you can see how ambiguous the location of the Sangam warm-up zone is.

Seoul players who are about to start training in the warm-up zone were embarrassed. Although it is in the game, some photographers moved to both sides because it could interfere with the players’ training.

Who installed Warm Up Zone here? Even if there was a 1m gap between board A and warm-up zone, the players and photographers would not have been uncomfortable with each other.

Photographer A, who usually covers the K League a lot, said, “Other soccer fields have a wide gap between the warm-up zone of players and the photo reporters, but only Sangam is dangerous because the gap is narrow.” If the player is injured or the photographer’s equipment is damaged, who will be responsible?” he complained.

Meanwhile, FC Seoul added three points with a 3-1 victory, raising its ranking to seventh place with three wins, five draws, and three losses with 14 points. Suwon, on the other hand, was defeated without overcoming the inferiority with Park Joo-ho’s departure.

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