Alberto “Kim Min-jae left, the number of views dropped” Fabien “Lee Kang-in is doing well and happy”…Joy and sorrow for a foreigner’s “chukdeok.”

On the 13th, a video titled “Alberto’s Current Status, which lost his position as a foreigner to Fabien,” was posted on the soccer YouTube channel “Shoot for Love,” which has 1.53 million subscribers.

When Babamba, who was in charge of the host, said, “I will talk with Alberto, a person who can’t laugh at Kim Min-jae’s transfer,” and asked, “I heard that a lot of soccer talks (on Alberto YouTube) have disappeared,” Alberto, who is from Italy, said sullenlyly, “That’s right.”

“The number of views (that’s a problem). In the past (when Kim was in Naples), the number of views reached 500,000 to 600,000 even if we roughly talked about it, but now we have to work really hard to get 100,000.” 사설 토토사이트

In response, Babamba said, “We have another person who has similar concerns to Alberto. He is another guest whose life can unfold only when Korean soccer becomes prosperous,” introducing Fabien from France and Peter from England, who are active as soccer panels like Alberto.

Fabien, who wore a national team parka and jumper in 1996, which is considered a rare sale even among domestic soccer fans, proudly hit his chest, calling it a “gukppong set.”

“Last year, (the water) was across the Mediterranean. It was on the Italian side (Napoli) but (the water) came over to Paris,” Fabien said with a smile. “Oh, I’m happy. Lee Kang-in is so good these days,” he said, expressing satisfaction.

Meanwhile, when Lee Kang-in’s transfer to PSG was reported in June last year, Fabien opened a YouTube channel called “Fabies Saint-Germain” to support Lee Kang-in and PSG and convey the vivid atmosphere in France. Currently, the Fabies Saint-Germain channel has attracted about 150,000 subscribers and is receiving a lot of love from domestic soccer fans.

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