Active corporal, if one win, ‘Early discharge’…”I don’t get in touch with my friends”

However, if you win one game, you can be discharged early. Hwang Sun-hong will play against Japan in the final match on the 7th at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, China. According to the Military Service Act, athletes can serve alternatively as “art and sports personnel” instead of military service as sports personnel if they finish third or higher in the Olympics and top in the Asian Games.

Maybe that’s why. There has been little contact from “comfort” who are currently serving in the military with Cho Young-wook. Cho Young-wook, who met at the joint coverage area after the semifinal match against Uzbekistan on the 4th, said, “What’s really interesting is that I got a lot of calls before I came to the national team. We talked a lot. But after we won well, we didn’t hear from each other,” he said with a smile.

Cho Young-wook is one of Hwang Sun-hong’s key players in this tournament. Hwang Sun-hong’s tactics were completed by his ability to be closer to the 10th striker than the traditional No. 9 striker. Not only does he pressure the opposing goalkeeper throughout the game, but he is also showing his ability to connect with Um Won-sang and Jung Woo-young, who have been working with the national team by age for a long time.

In addition, while focusing on pressure and connection, he is ranked second in the team with three goals with his strength of shooting ability. He has already filled the three goals he had set before the tournament.

Coach Hwang, who failed to convene Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic FC), who was the main striker for the national team under the age of 23, due to his team’s circumstances, announced the final entry, saying, “The position I was most worried about is the striker.” When Oh Hyun-kyu failed to be elected, he even considered selecting Joo Min-kyu as a wild card. However, as Cho Young-wook has settled down, he boasts a powerful attack by scoring 25 goals in five games. It is a more valuable 25 goals in that most of the games were against dense defense. 경마사이트

When Cho Young-wook said he had achieved his goal with three goals, he said, “Should I have done it with five goals…Anyway, since the team is winning well and has come to the finals, if we need a goal, of course we should score a goal, but I have to think about how the team can win first.”

Like a script, Korea’s opponent in the final was decided as “Rival” Japan. Hwang Sun-hong remembers being completely defeated 0-3 by Japan in the quarterfinals of the AFC Asian Cup in June last year. The shock was doubled in that Japan played under the age of 21 at the time. Not only Lee Kang-in but also Cho Young-wook were in the national team.

“Of course, I need a revenge, but honestly, even if I see it for the first time, I only think that I have to win,” Cho Young-wook said. “There is only a victory in my head.” I’m trying to think about how I can win and how I can prepare for it,” he said.

“The game is on Saturday. I think the owners of chicken restaurants in Korea will like it a lot, he said. “In a way, I think it’s a good board.” The players are also confident because they have overcome the crisis well. It’s the final match between Korea and Japan. I’m going to pour everything out because I have one foot left. “We need victory and all we have to do is win,” he said.

According to the Korea Football Association, Hwang Sun-hong-ho played against Uzbekistan, had lunch at a Korean restaurant in Seo-ho-gu on the 5th, had lunch with pork belly and broiler, and conducted recovery training focusing on form rollers and walks at the hotel from 5 p.m.

Since the 1951 New Delhi Games in India, where men’s soccer was adopted as an official event at the Asian Games, South Korea has won five times (1970, 1978, 1986, 2014 and 2018), with the most wins (four times in Iran). If they win this tournament after winning the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the 2014 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games, they will achieve three consecutive wins for the first time in the history of the Asian Games.

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