8 runs lost in the last 3 games, the team with the most runs lost?….Suwon FC ‘goals’ as a breakthrough due to changes in defense combinations + three-back

Suwon FC had the most lost points in the K-League 1 last season. Kim Eun-joong, who was newly appointed this season, also put more weight on stabilizing defense. He had high expectations for a robust rear by recruiting national team defender Kwon Kyung-won. He secured a win against Incheon United without allowing a single goal in the opening game, raising expectations.

However, Suwon FC has been losing points every game since then. Moreover, it has lost eight goals in the last three games. It has lost more than two goals per game. It allowed four goals in the fourth round at the match against Gimcheon Sangmu and three in the sixth round against Ulsan HD. It allowed 10 goals in six games that Suwon FC played. It ranks first in terms of number of goals lost, along with Gwangju FC, Jeonbuk Hyundai, and Gimcheon.

Coach Kim has devised and is applying various methods. He is trying to change the combination of defense line with Kwon Kyung-won at the center to Choi Gyu-baek, Kim Tae-han, and Jackson. In the match against Ulsan, he also deployed a three-back strategy in which Kwon Kyung-won, Jackson, and Kim Tae-han were promoted, but allowed three goals. The team is making changes in defense depending on the opponent team, but the effect is still pending.

Foreign strikers remain silent on the offensive end. Suwon FC scored five goals in six matches. Korean strikers, including Lee Seung-woo (2 goals), Ji Dong-won and Jung Jae-min (one goal each), have scored several goals. Andersson and Monreal failed to display impressive shots.

In particular, Andersson has become Suwon FC’s offensive option due to his threatening movements and daredevil breakthrough, but one help is the only offensive point. Monreal also recorded 14 shots and 6 shots on target, but it was a shame to finish.

There are positives. Suwon FC is third with an expected score of 7.43. The expected score per 90 minutes is 1.11. It continues to create scoring opportunities. The decisive power is unfortunate, but the score versus the expected score is the lowest at 0.54.

He ranks first in overall shooting with 84 shots, and is also No. 1 in attempts to shoot inside the penalty box. Key passes (46 times) are ranked first, and attack passes (482 times) are also ranked third. As such, he is oriented toward offense. If he only leads to points, it means that he can instantly turn the mood around. 온라인카지노사이트

Suwon FC will play a home game against Hana Citizens in Daejeon on May 14. It is also the first showdown between Kim and Lee Min-sung, who once played for the U-23 national team.

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