“25-year-old wife was a former Israeli Navy captain” …Mrs. Real GK’s unique career → 15 commanders in the rescue box → Currently working as a sexy model

Thibaut Courtois is a goalkeeper for Real Madrid in Spain’s La Liga and the Belgium national team. He played for Chelsea in the English Premier League. He moved to Real Madrid in August 2018 and has played so far. He was named the best goalkeeper wherever he went due to his outstanding performance.

He was the best goalkeeper in La Liga when he played for Atletico Madrid in the 2012-13 season and the Golden Glove Award in the 2016-17 season when he was Chelsea. He was selected as the best 11 players in the 2013-14, 2020-21, and 2021-22 seasons in the UEFA Champions League, and won numerous awards including the Best Goalkeeper at the FIFA Football Awards and the Golden Glove World Cup in 2018. In 2022, he won the Yasin Trophy. 안전 토토사이트

Courtois is also famous for his wife. She has a unique career. Perhaps, she is the only soccer player’s wife who has a history. The Sun reported on Tuesday that his wife Michelle Gerschich, Courtois’ glamorous model, showed off her amazing figure when she unveiled her purple underwear.

According to the article, Courtois and Michelle began dating in 2021, got engaged in June 2022, and last year the two finally tied the knot in Cannes, France. Although Michel was first married, Courtois had two children with his ex-wife. Prior to their marriage, Michel also revealed that their two children accepted him as their stepmother.

Courtois once said, “We felt overwhelmed as soon as we saw each other in person. It didn’t matter what they called.” The two first exchanged greetings through social media.

However, Michel’s unique history has been made public. Michel is from Israel. In Israel, even a woman must serve in the military. Men have three years and women have two years of mandatory military service.

Naturally, Michel completed two years of military service from the age of 18. However, she has a unique military career. She was once a Navy ship but is said to have been the captain of a ship. Michel, 25, said in an interview, “There were 15 soldiers on my rescue ship. I was able to meet good people thanks to them.”

Michel, who debuted as a model at age 13 with outstanding beauty from a young age, is still working as a model for various brands. If you look at her social media photos, you can see various images of her activities. The newly uploaded lingerie photo was also a Dutch brand. Michel now has more than 780,000 social media fans. Recently, Courtois and Michel were caught on camera watching NBA games in Miami, the U.S., during their Christmas break.

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