2022 National Games: Fencer Babani Devi Wins Gold Medal With Hat Tricks

Olympic fencer Babani Devi won the women’s sabre event at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar on Friday, winning her third consecutive national gold medal. Olympic fencer Babani Devi won her third consecutive gold medal in the women’s sabre event at the 2022 National Games at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar on Friday. Tamil Nadu’s Bhavani Devi defeated Punjab’s Jagmeet Kaur 15-3 in the final. She also won gold medals in 2011 and 2015. Kerala’s Kristi Jose Josna and Manipuli Raishram Abi Devi won the bronze medal. Fellow Olympian Elabenil Ballarivan won the gold medal in women’s rifle shooting, edging Karnataka’s Tillotama Sen 16-10. Mehuli Ghosh of West Bengal won the bronze medal. 바카라사이트

Gujarat star Elavanil Ballarivan started the final somewhat slowly and moved up to first place after the second series. From the fifth series to the final shot, the leaderboard continued to change, and Elavanil set up a gold medal match with No. 1 Tillotamasen, beating Mehulli Ghosh by 0.3 points.

In the final, Elabenil Ballarivan led early, 4-0. Tilotama tried to keep pace by scoring a few points at regular intervals, but nevertheless lost. In the IIT track and field of Gandhinagar, records of nine national competitions fell in one day.

Munita Prazapati (Uttar Pradesh), the daughter of a construction worker, and 17-year-old Parvez Khan (Services) took center stage. Munita set the first time of the edition in the women’s 20 km walk with a time of 1:38.20.

Pavez Khan delighted his teammates in the men’s 1500 m, breaking Bahadur Prasad’s 28-year-old national record. He cut his personal best by nearly two seconds to 3:40.89, winning the gold medal.

Swapna Barman, the 2018 Asian Games decathlon champion, held the women’s high jump record with a clearance of 1.83 m, while Pravin Chitravel (Tamil Nadu) won the gold medal with a record effort of 16.68 m.

Damnet Singh (Punjab) of the men’s hammer throw and Kiran Balijan (Uttar Pradesh) of the women’s shot put were also on the record, while in the men’s 100 m semi-final, the yet-to-be ratified national record of 10.45 seconds set by Amlan Borgohein (Asam) in Tirvananthram in 2015.

Amlan Borgohain, who is in good condition this season, stopped the clock at 10.28 seconds, exceeding two-hundredths of the domestic record held by Amiya Kumar Malik since 2016.

Elsewhere, Gujarat women led by Anquita Reina easily beat Karnataka to book their final berth. They will select the favorites for Saturday’s gold medal match against Maharashtra at the Riverside Sports Complex.

Meanwhile, on the opening day of wrestling, Divya Kakran (Uttar Pradesh) stopped the six-gold Haryana sweep and won the women’s 76kg title in the quarterfinals, beating Haryana’s Letika (Telangana) and Rohini Satya Shivani (Himachal Pradesh).

The Haryana men and odisha women each won the rugby 7s gold medal, winning the maharashtra team. The Haryana men had a better second half, sprinting 7-7 to 19-7 on the break. Odisha women, who stunned national champion Bihar in the semifinals, dominated the title clash with a 22-0 lead in the first half.

Haryana scored a golden double in netball, their men’s team defeated Telangana 75-73, and their women’s team suppressed Punjab’s challenge 53-49.

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