166.9km line drive bang! Kim Ha-sung 3G consecutive hits ‘Fear No. 8’…San Diego ends four-game winning streak

Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres) hit in three consecutive games and got on base in four consecutive games due to strong batting performance, which is not envious of the center hitter. San Diego ended its winning streak with a winning percentage of 0.500.

Kim Ha-sung played as the eighth batter and shortstop in the game against the Milwaukee Brewers of the 2024 Major League held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 24th (Korea time). He had one hit from four times at bat as he had a hit at his second at-bat, and increased his hit from consecutive games that he started against Milwaukee on the 22nd to three games. Including his walk against Milwaukee on the 21st, he is on base for four consecutive games. His batting average of 0.220 and OPS of 0.718.

Starting with Kim Ha-sung’s hit in the fifth inning when the Dodgers was losing 0-5, San Diego recovered one run by garnering three consecutive hits. As the Dodgers lost extra point in the seventh inning, the Dodgers was defeated 2-6.

After five consecutive losses, San Diego started winning streak again and ended its four-game winning streak. It now has a winning rate of 0.500 with 41 wins and 41 losses. The team is in the race for wild cards in the National League, but is being chased by the Washington Nationals (38-39 winning rate of 0.494) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (38-40 winning rate of 0.487). 토토사이트 추천

Even before Kim Ha-sung’s first at-bat came, the atmosphere was already over for Milwaukee. The starting king collapsed, allowing six hits in the second inning alone. The number of runs increased as he gave up three consecutive hits after two outs. Blake Perkins hit a timely hit to the left, making it 0-3, and Bryce Turang allowed an RBI triple to allow the fourth run. Tyler Black also gave up a timely hit to the middle, widening the score to 0-5.

Kim Ha-sung faced his first at-bat as a leadoff hitter in the third inning when he was being dragged 0-5. He had Myers throw a lot of balls, but he couldn’t get on base. When a fastball of 92.2 miles per hour (about 148.4 kilometers) was concentrated in the middle of the first pitch, he gave up his bat, but it became a foul.

The ball count was tied at 0-2 when the next ball was ruled a strike. Kim calmly picked out the low balls and cut the balls near the strike zone, making Myers throw seven pitches. However, he ended up at the batter’s box with a fly ball to right field.

Kim Ha-sung entered the batter’s box for the second time in the fifth inning with two outs and no runners. He recorded his team’s third hit here. This time, the ball count was 0-1, and when the two-pitch slider was concentrated in the center, he turned his bat. A strong 105.6 miles (166.9 kilometers) per hour hit sharply headed to the outfield and became a hit that fell in front of center field. Kim Ha-sung’s hit was the third fastest hit in the game.

It was a hit after two outs, but it led to a score. After Kim Ha-sung, Sullivan and Araes hit consecutive hits, and Kim Ha-sung scored San Diego’s first score of the day.

Kim Ha-sung hit a fly ball to center field in his third at-bat with one out in the seventh inning. When facing Milwaukee lefty Brian Hudson, he hit a fastball with 91 mph (146.4 km) in his favor with the ball count 2-1. However, he was out after hitting a fly ball this time.

He faced closer Trevor Megill in the ninth inning when his team was trailing 2-6. Though it was not a save situation, he took the mound to maintain the interval between his appearances. Milwaukee gave up all three of its past games with San Diego, and Megill could not afford to take the mound. With two outs and no runners on base, Kim Ha-sung hit a ground ball to shortstop, raising the final out count of the game.

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