Will Ko Woo-suk be a teammate of former NC Betancourt in Triple-A? … Miami, underperforming Betancourt DFA, likely to accept Triple-A due to salary

Ko Woo-seok could play with Christian Betancourt, who played for the NC Dinos, in Triple-A.

Christina De Nicola of MLBCOM said on the 21st (Korea time) that Miami has named catcher Betancourt (DFA).

Miami acquired Betancourt from the Cleveland Guardians through a cash deal during the offseason. 사설 토토사이트

Betancourt was playing for the Tampa Bay Rays for two years before going to Cleveland, when then general manager Peter Bendix took Betancourt to Miami general manager.

However, Betancourt was sluggish in Miami. She played 38 games this season, posting only .159/.198/.268.

Betancourt is paid 2.05 million U.S. dollars in annual salary in Miami this year. As other teams are unlikely to claim her due to ransom, she is expected to accept her move to Triple-A.

Betancourt signed with NC for a total of $1 million in 2019.

Betancourt, who became Changwon NC Park’s first home run and rarely wore a catcher mask as a foreign player, was released in early July of that year, however, with a batting average of 246 li (50 hits in 203 at-bats) with eight homers and 29 RBIs in 53 games.

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