“Triple A constitution…” Choi Hyun-il surges ERA 7.16 due to poor performance of five runs in five innings in Double A match… Triple A ERA complies with 3.34

Choi Hyun-il, who plays in the minor league of the LA Dodgers organization, was sluggish.

Choi Hyun-il was held at Abst Ballpark in Springdale, Arkansas on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time)
He started in a Double-A game against the Northwest Arkansas Nationals (under the Kansas City Royals), allowing five hits (including one homer) and allowing five runs and three walks in five innings. Spraying 85 pitches, he struck out four.

Choi Hyun-il’s ERA soared to 7.16.

Choi allowed three runs in the second inning after finishing the inning with a strikeout and a groundout at the first and second bases loaded with one out. He was hit with a two-run shot with one out and a runner on the first base. He then garnered a base hit and consecutive walks, causing the bases to be loaded, and gave up one more run with a groundout.

He also gave up two runs in the third inning. He was at risk of losing one run on a ground ball and a double, before losing another run on a double.

Choi Hyun-il, who settled down with three outs in the fourth inning, allowed one hit in the fifth inning but did not lose a run.

After the fifth inning, he turned over the mound to the bullpen

Choi Hyun-il has been throwing back and forth between Double A and Triple A this season.

Choi started in Double-A this season. After playing in one game, he moved to Triple-A, took the mound in one game, and then moved to Double-A. After pitching in Double-A, Choi packed his bags and moved to Triple-A again, where he took the mound in two games. After playing in three games, he moved to Double-A again.

Choi Hyun-il, who started the Double A game on June 3 (Korea Standard Time), was sluggish with four runs in four innings.

Choi Hyun-il then started in the Double A game held on the 9th and allowed nine hits and three runs in 5.2 innings.

What’s interesting is that Choi Hyun-il’s performance in Triple-A is better than Double-A. His six-game Triple-A ERA is 3.34.

Choi Hyun-il’s performance is unusual in that Double A is a pitcher-friendly league and Triple A is a batter-friendly league.

Choi Hyun-il, who moved to the U.S. in 2019 after signing a $300,000 contract with the Dodgers, started his professional career in the minor league rookie league and pitched in 14 games (11 starts) in his first year, drawing attention with a 5-1 record and 2.63 ERA.

In 2020, the entire minor league season was canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and the season was canceled.

Choi Hyun-il, who started with Single A in 2021, took the mound in a total of 24 games (11 starts), recorded 8 wins, 6 losses and an ERA of 3.55, receiving the “Petter of the Year” in the minor league under the Dodgers.

But in 2022, he was out for the season with only one appearance in Single A due to a muscle injury in his right arm.

Choi Hyun-il pitched in a total of 16 games (13 starts) at Single A High last year, recording 4 wins, 5 losses and an ERA of 3.75.