Tottenham, let’s raise Son Heung-min’s salary…330 million won a week’s salary ‘top of the team’ Big Club overwhelmingly last place

Britain’s “The Athletic” revealed on the 27th who are the highest paid players in the team by 20 Premier League (PL) clubs.

Son Heung-min was the No. 1 player at Tottenham. The media said, “After Harry Kane left this summer, Tottenham’s captain and leading scorer Son Heung-min received 200,000 pounds (about 329 million won) a week, including bonuses, and became the club’s highest salary.” Tanguy Ndombele, one of Tottenham’s highest-paid players since joining the club for the highest transfer fee four years ago, has left on loan to Galatasaray this season, he explained. 토토사이트

Son Heung-min, the team’s highest paid player, is performing the best, so it may be considered natural for Tottenham. However, compared to other big clubs, there is no “beneficiary contract” as much as Son Heung-min.

Most of Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City, which are called big clubs in the PL, are well over 300,000 pounds (about 493 million won). The lowest-paid player is Bukayo Saka, who ranks first in Arsenal’s weekly salary, with 290,000 pounds (about 486 million won) a week. Compared to Son Heung-min, it’s a huge difference.

It is difficult to say that Tottenham is financially less than Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United, so they cannot pay much weekly salary. According to data released by Britain’s Deloitte, Tottenham ranks ninth in the world’s highest-grossing soccer team.

Tottenham’s revenue level is clearly different from Manchester City, which is ranked first, Liverpool, and Manchester United, which is ranked fourth. However, there was only a difference of about 45 million pounds (about 73.9 billion won) in revenue from Chelsea, which came in eighth place. The gap with Arsenal, ranked 10th, was very large, almost 90 million pounds (about 147.8 billion won). In other words, it is not a club that has to pay players a lower salary due to low profits.

Tottenham is currently preparing for a new contract with Son Heung-min, so if the contract is renewed, the weekly salary could be significantly raised. When the current contract was announced, Son Heung-min was neither a PL top scorer nor a team captain.

Now, he is one of the best superstars in the PL in name and reality, and his weight at Tottenham has grown to an all-time high. Tottenham also naturally has to treat Son Heung-min more. Tottenham once prepared 400,000 pounds (about 670 million won), the highest level in the PL, when they prepared to renew their contract with Harry Kane.

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