‘The Strongest Baseball’ Won Sung-joon joins Kiwoom’s finishing camp

Won Sung-joon (Sungkyunkwan University), who was the only “strongest baseball” young gun who applied for the KBO draft to receive the nomination, will join the closing camp of the professional baseball Kiwoom Heroes.

On the 17th, the Kiwoom team revealed the list, saying, “We will hold a finishing camp at the Taejang Sports Complex Baseball Stadium in Wonju, Gangwon-do from the 22nd to November 26th.”

The final camp, which consists mainly of prospects and rookies, included the name of Won Sung-joon, the “strongest monsters.” 파친코

Chung Hyun-soo, Hwang Young-mook, Ko Young-woo and Won Sung-joon participated in the “strongest baseball” in the “2024 KBO League Rookie Draft” held on the 14th of last month. Chung Hyun-soo was named to Lotte Giants, Hwang Young-mook and Ko Young-woo to Hanwha Eagles and Kiwoom Heroes, respectively, but Won Sung-joon’s name was not called.

This image was captured as it was in JTBC’s “The Strongest Baseball,” which aired on the 18th of last month, and stimulated viewers’ tear glands. Won Sung-joon, who looked calm, also shed tears when he found his parents, and the mother looked at his son’s face, who had been struggling, and said, “Let’s go home.”

However, it was later reported that a professional club made a test offer to Won Sung-joon, and he joined Kiwoom’s finishing camp.

After the final camp, Won Sung-joon thanked PD Jang Si-won, the “strongest baseball” PD and the general manager of the “strongest monsters.”

On PD Jang’s Instagram story, Won Seong-jun said, “Leader!!!” Thank you so much for all that time. To be honest, I think it’s a lie if you say it wasn’t hard, he said. “I wanted to get it with my other friends when they celebrated, and I showed my wits.”

Won Sung-joon then said, “You always cheered and comforted me, which was an opportunity to become stronger myself,” adding, “Of course, I go back more than others, but I think I can meet you at the top someday if I work harder.” I will work harder and play baseball faithfully in accordance with the name of the strongest baseball,” he added.

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