The joys and sorrows of men with Ryu Hyun-jin? The monster’s son is full of charm

The Toronto Blue Jays lost to the Cleveland Guardians in an away game on Sunday (Korea time), and have lost five consecutive games recently. They are the lowest in the American League East with 35 wins and 41 losses. They are also 6.0 games behind the Kansas City Royals, which are ranked third in the American League wild card race. They are getting further away from the post season.

The trade deadline is just a month away. The time has come for Toronto to make a decision. With the acquisition of Ryu Hyun-jin (Hanwha Eagles) for four years and 80 million dollars in the 2019-2020 off-season, the team’s payroll continued to increase. Notably, the team will pay key hitter Vladimir Guerrero Jr. an annual salary of 2.9 million dollars this year. Another key hitter, Bo Bissett, has a three-year, 33.6 million-dollar contract signed until next year. Guerrero needs to raise his salary again next year.

Guerrero and Bissett will be eligible to play in the 2025-2026 FA market. Even if Toronto cannot afford to play in the postseason this year, it would be better to keep the two players until next year to decide the outcome. However, people keep saying that if Toronto wants to improve its physical constitution, it would be a good idea to use this trade deadline to become a seller.

Guerrero and Bissett both showed sluggish starts. However, Guerrero has fully recovered since May. On the other hand, Bissett has recently been out of the team due to a calf injury. Analysts say that Guerrero is more valuable than Bissett in the trade market.

MLBcom selected nine trade candidates from the postseason bubble team. One of them is Guerrero. Guerrero has a batting average of 0.277, eight homers, 31 RBIs, 32 runs, and on-base percentage of 0.363 OPS of 0.401 OPS of 0.764. 토토사이트 추천

Second stat is good. According to Statcast, the team ranks fourth overall in the Major League with 94.6 miles of average hitting speed, third overall with 58.8 percent of hard hits, and 11th overall with 75.5 miles of bat speed. Postseason contenders have difficulty finding a slugger with this level of performance. This is a golden opportunity for Toronto to properly benefit in return.

MLBcom said, “Toronto struggles to get back on track. As the team flounder, questions about the future continue. It is unlikely that Toronto will shed tears completely at the trade deadline, but if Toronto wants to change the situation, it can choose to trade Guerrero or Bissett, who will become a FA after the 2025 season.”

MLBcom went on to say, “Guerrero doesn’t reproduce the incredible 2021 season, but it’s ranked very high in batting speed, hard hits, and bat speed. Also, it’s having a much better season than Bissett, who was ruled out with a right calf strain. So it may make more sense for Toronto to shop for Guerrero this summer and hold off on its decision on Bissett until the offseason.”

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