“Shocked” Premier League official channel, “WTF” controversy over racism over SON photos, “Change it right away.”

On the 15th (Korea time), the PL Secretariat highlighted the consecutive goals scored by Brighton, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool on its official SNS. By league standards, Brighton has scored 32 consecutive games, Tottenham 28 consecutive games, and Liverpool 26 consecutive games.

However, a flurry of malicious comments are continuing. This is due to Son Heung-min’s photo as a member of Tottenham’s national team. Fans pointed fingers at him, saying, “Racism,” “Is that the best photo of Son Heung-min?” “WTF (What The Fxxx)’s photo? What’s wrong with the photo?” “Does the PL not like Son Heung-min?” Not only Korean fans but also fans all over the world said they could not understand his photo.

Racism is raised. The opinion that he cleverly mocked Asians with relatively small eyes continues. Two hours have passed since the post was shared, but no action has been taken. 파워볼실시간

The league is currently the best league in the world. However, the issue of racism has been repeated for decades. The league has been raising awareness by conducting Black Lives Matter campaigns and attaching patches reading “No Room for Racism” to the uniforms of 20 clubs, but the issue has remained largely unresolved.

PL icon Son Heung-min also suffered from constant pain. This happened several times in the last season alone. In the matches against Chelsea and Crystal Palace, he witnessed racist gestures of tearing his eye with his finger in the stands. It was also controversial that Martin Tyler, a commentator on Sky Sports in the U.K., mentioned that he was making “marshall arts” to Son, and Tyler stopped short of giving a warning.

In the last round, Tottenham succeeded in escaping without a win. It was Son Heung-min. He scored one goal through Destiny Udozi’s first goal and Hishalisson’s additional goal, two assists, and a direct penalty kick (PK). On the day, Son set a record of “double digit scoring (14 goals → 12 goals → 11 goals → 17 goals → 23 goals → 10 goals) for eight consecutive seasons” and “23rd place with the most goals scored in history (113 goals).” Controversy is brewing over Son becoming a racist target again.

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