Radio City Rocket to be broadcast from the outer space of the Las Vegas Sphere

Sphere Entertainment Co. and Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. announced today that Radio City Rockets, the stars of the beloved Radio City Rockets, which run annually at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, will be presenting Sphere’s fully programmable LED exterior in Las Vegas every day throughout the holiday season. The festive Christmas Spectacular activation featured a 360-degree dance of Exosphere surrounding the venue for the first time throughout the night. This content was all developed in collaboration with MSG-affiliated companies Sphere Entertainment and MSG Entertainment. 슬롯머신

Guy Barnett, SVP, Spear Entertainment Brand Strategy and Creative Development, said, “Here’s the magic we created with Spear, and there’s the magic created by Rockette at the annual Christmas Spectacle.” “Nothing is more artistic or scientific than Rockette, so bringing them together in the exosphere in a unique way is the essence of what we do here, combining art and science to bring wonder to the world. This is particularly interesting. Because it’s the most complicated combination of actual video and animation content we’ve ever made for Exosphere.”

“Showing Rockets precision choreography in a big way at vSphere is a new first for the iconic dance company,” said Jessica Tuttle of SVP Productions at MSG Entertainment. “This unique activation brings together two brands from MSG. A brand that has delighted a million fans in New York City every year for 90 years, and a brand that began to fascinate audiences around the world earlier this year. Rockettes’ appearance as the first live performer to dance in the Exosphere is another example of how Christmas Spectacular continues to push the boundaries of entertainment.”

Activation begins with the first Christmas decorations displayed in the Exosphere. The vibrant red and gold top begins to spin, nodding to the “Christmas on the 12th” number on the Rockets’ bridge, Christmas Spectacular. As the top of the decorations continues to rise, the Rockets perform their iconic precise choreography, rotating around the Exosphere, ending with their adorable kicks at 125 feet. Creativity is meant to be transparent, so Rockettes’ back is shown through Sphere, marking the first time the technology has been used on immersive digital canvases. Decorations close, and the iconic Radio City Music Hall Marquis appears in vibrant neon, replicating the landmark sites of New York City.

To achieve the continuous dance, 15 Rockets were spotted performing in groups of five, which provided three videos synthesized together to the Spear Studio team. The composite images were then combined and linked together to extend around the exosphere. Animated elements were added, including decorations and Radio City Music Hall marquee, before the final sparkle behind the dancers.

“We’re all about accuracy,” said Darnell Morgan of Radio City Rockettes, a dance captain and assistant choreographer. “But with spares, we need to make sure everything from the tip of our fingers to our signature eye-level kicks is completely consistent because of the size of the exosphere. It’s such an honor to see Rockettes on Spear spreading Christmas joy in Las Vegas during our Christmas Spectacular performance at my home in New York City.”

The Rockettes video was filmed specifically for the Exosphere in New York by a co-creative team of Spear Entertainment and MSG Entertainment. The content was conceived, developed, and filmed in both New York and Burbank, where Spear Studios is based, highlighting the unique process of creating content for the Exosphere.

Since it first came into the spotlight on July 4, Exosphere has received worldwide attention for its impactful visuals. The Exosphere is covered with nearly 580,000 square feet of fully programmable LED panels, creating the world’s largest LED screen. The exosphere consists of about 1.2 million LED pucks, spaced 8 inches apart. Each puck contains 48 individual LED diodes, each of which can display 256 million different colors, creating a clear new landmark on the Las Vegas skyline.

The Christmas Spectacle, a staple of New York City’s holidays, features an incomparable Radio City Rockets and features nine show-stopping numbers during the 90-minute run. The awe-inspiring show features complex choreography and thrilling performances, leaving the audience surprised and amazed. Since its inception in 1933 in Radio City, Christmas Spectacles have brought holiday joy to more than 70 million people around the world.

Founded in 1925, Radio City Rockets is the longest-running precision dance company in the United States. Rocketes is known worldwide for its unity, athleticism, and iconic precision styles that combine elements of ballet, jazz, and tap, as well as the techniques of modern and contemporary dance. In addition to the Christmas Spectacle, the Rockets perform annually at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Christmas in Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, appearing as some of the entertainment’s biggest events, including the Tony Awards, the MTV VMAs, the NYC Pride Parade, and “Saturday Night Live.”

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