Partners with HAPPYBET to comply with Germany’s advertising regulations

Rightlander, a leader in allied marketing compliance solutions, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Italy’s leading licensed game operator, Snaitech Group’s sports betting brand HAPPYBET in Germany and Austria. This collaboration is an important step toward ensuring a fair and compliant online gaming environment.

Rightlander played a pivotal role in monitoring HAPPYBET’s affiliate website, primarily focusing on maintaining advertising regulations in Germany. This proactive approach ensures that affiliates comply with strict regulatory standards, providing a more responsible and transparent eye-gaming environment for all stakeholders.

Michael Sessa, managing director of HAPPYBET Germany, said, “Our partnership with Rightlander strengthens the Snaitech group’s strong commitment to identifying and preventing potential addictive behavior while providing a reliable and responsible gaming experience for all customers, building an environment to protect and protect each person. This contract represents another step on our path to ensuring the highest standards of German industry for all HAPPYBET users and effectively combating illegal markets.”

Jonathan Elkin, sales director at Lightlander, said, “As the iGaming industry develops in different jurisdictions around the world, compliance and responsible gaming are paramount. Our partnership with HAPPYBET represents our shared commitment to ensuring fair play, regulatory compliance and ethical alignment marketing. We are excited to contribute to a safer and more transparent iGaming environment for our German customers.”

One of the key features of Rightlander’s monitoring system is protection from deceptive marketing practices. Rightlander uses the latest technology to identify and mitigate instances of affiliates promoting misleading or exaggerated content to not only protect HAPPYBET’s reputation but also protect customer interests. 슬롯머신

Unlicensed operators pose a significant threat to the integrity of the iGaming industry, and Rightlander’s surveillance extends to deterring illegal activities and ensuring fair competition in the market by detecting affiliates that promote unlicensed operators.

Rightlander’s commitment to compliance illustrates vigilance in monitoring conditions strictly prohibited by the German Gambling Regulation (GGL). Rightlander will help HAPPYBET and its affiliates escape the legal trap by identifying and addressing violations of these regulations.

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