Park Min-ji’s one shot of soju and beer bomb on a beer bomb…”Five wins, hot ceremony.”

Park Min-ji recorded an even par with two birdies and two bogeys in the final fourth round of the 2022 KLPGA Tour’s final major tournament “Hite Jinro Championship (total prize money of 1.2 billion won)” held at Blue Heron Golf Club (par 72,6763 yards) in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do on the 9th.

Jung Yoon-ji, who started ahead of Park Min-ji, also waited for Park Min-ji’s result with the same even par, and eventually headed for extra time.

In the first extra time, Park Min-ji missed a birdie in a 1.5m birdie chance, so the two players headed for the second game of extra time. In the second overtime, Park Min-ji made a 2m birdie putt to separate Jung Yoon-ji, who only made par, recording five wins of the season and 15 wins of her career.

Park Min-ji, who recorded 15 wins in her career, recorded the most wins among active players with Jang Ha-na.

After Park Min-ji confirmed the championship, she was baptized with beer by her fellow players. Unlike other competitions, beer baptism is famous instead of water baptism because the host company is Hite Jinro. Park Min-ji, who was baptized with beer without hesitation, was delighted with the beer baptism with the joy of winning.

At the following awards ceremony, a ceremony was prepared to drink beer on the trophy, a tradition of the Hite Jinro Championship. The trophy was filled with beer features, Jinro soju, and Chamisul soju. Soju was half a bottle each, and beer was full of features.

The winner Park Min-ji breathed deeply and drank a glass of soju and beer. Officials around him were also worried about Park Min-ji’s excessive drinking. Park Min-ji, who was drinking somaek, put down the glass after drinking some. 토토

Park Min-ji said in an interview, “In fact, I only ate a lot of bubbles. But I think I’m a little drunk,” he said. Park Min-ji firmly maintained her No. 1 prize money ranking with a cumulative prize money of 1,264.58 million won by collecting 216 million won in prize money.

Park Min-ji said, “Last week, I wasn’t feeling well enough to lie down for three days due to body aches, but strangely, my condition returned from the first day of the conversation. “My next goal is to win all major tournaments and achieve a grand slam,” he said.

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