MLBTR “San Diego won’t trade Kim Ha-sung to Dodgers”… “I have no choice but to play season with Betts and Rojas”

The Los Angeles Dodgers desperately need a shortstop now. This is because Mookie Betts will be absent for about eight weeks due to a broken wrist.

The Dodgers put Miguel Rojas in as soon as possible. We only expect Rojas to hold out well until Betts returns.

The problem is the postseason. The best-case scenario would be for Betts to play second base.

If that happens, a shortstop is needed, but there is no player worthy of recruitment. 토토사이트 순위

Until now, players mentioned in the media were Willie Adames (Millywood Brewers) and Bob Bissett (Toronto Blue Jays).

However, MLBTR said Tuesday that chances are slim that Milwaukee, which is leading the Central Division, will trade Adames. The Toronto Blue Jays also said that even if it fails to advance to the autumn baseball league, it does not need to trade Vissette, whose contract expires in 2025. In addition, Vissette is on the injured list.

MLBTR said other shortstop targets may not be very attractive.

The Chicago White Sox will certainly put Paul Yong up for sale, but they still have a lot of strikeouts and have tended to be inefficient for a long time in the past.

The Miami Marlins will put Tim Anderson up for sale, but he said his performance was much worse than last year.

In the meantime, he mentioned Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres).

MLBTR said, “He will soon become a free agent, but San Diego is currently in playoff contention and will not prefer to trade him to the division rival Dodgers.”

However, the story may change after the season. This is because Kim Ha-sung will be able to negotiate with the Dodgers as an FA.

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