“Lock the training ground door.”

Tottenham’s training ground received fans’ attention with the appearance of England’s next-generation star Jude Bellingham.

It’s A match period, but Tottenham’s training ground is full of people. This is because the main players of this season, including Son Heung-min, Yves Bissouma, Christian Romero and Mickey Panderpen, left for each country to play the A-match in October, but the English national team came to Tottenham’s training ground for training. 스포츠토토

The English national team decided to conduct training at Tottenham training ground ahead of the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying match against Italy at Wembley Stadium on the 18th. The visit drew much attention just by the news that Harry Kane will visit the training ground of the England national team.

It was reported that Kane left without saying goodbye to his Tottenham teammates when he transferred to Munich. This is because Tottenham deprived Kane of the right to enter the training ground. At the time, British media said, “Kane was banned from entering the club’s training ground hours before completing his £100 million transfer to Munich. Tottenham judged that it was not appropriate for Kane to return to the training ground before formalizing his transfer to Munich. I have officially notified Kane of this in an email,” he said.

Since then, his teammates have left for the A match, but much attention has been paid to Kane’s visit to Tottenham’s training ground and give his last greetings to the staff and the rest of his teammates.

However, Kane was not the one who visited the national team. It has captured the attention of Jude Bellingham Tottenham, who plays for England and one of the best teams in the world, Real Madrid, and fans of the national team.

British media Football London said on the 16th (Korea Standard Time), “The transfer to Tottenham, Bellingham, has been confirmed! Tottenham fans have fallen into the transfer craze through SNS, he reported.

This season, Bellingham has been growing into one of the best players in the world, showing tremendous performance despite his first season with Real Madrid.

He has scored 10 goals in 10 games since joining Real, showing the appearance of a top midfielder and striker with scoring ability, not the existing central midfielder. Bellingham was responsible for eight of Real’s 20 goals in the league this season. Some media even said that Bellingham replaced Benzema’s vacancy.

Football London said, “Coach Enzi Postecoglou was instructed by fans to lock the door when Bellingham visited Tottenham’s training ground. Bellingham was ambushed by many Tottenham academy players who feared him while training at the Tottenham training ground. He took a few minutes of his day to talk and take pictures with academy players, and the English national team and Tottenham SNS also posted pictures of Bellingham and the children, he said, expressing Tottenham’s interest in Bellingham.

“Many Tottenham fans poured out propaganda in the comments on the post. And I urged Bellingham to join Postecoglou’s squad,” he said, explaining that fans also strongly expressed their desire to transfer Bellingham to Tottenham.

According to reports, fans did not hide their courtship of Bellingham and their desire for him, saying, “If he comes to the Premier League someday, will he come to Tottenham?” “Bellingham laughed to spur the transfer,” “Lock the training ground right now,” “Bellingham’s transfer to Tottenham has been confirmed,” and “Here we go!” in the Bellingham post.

The media said, “There were more than 350 likes in the comments that Bellingham’s transfer to Tottenham was confirmed.” Bellingham has been watching Tottenham this season. He also sparked fans’ interest, saying, “I congratulated Madison’s performance in August when Tottenham won 2-0 against Bournemouth.”

With Bellingham, who has become the center of Real Madrid along with the evaluation of being the new Zidane, attracting tremendous attention and courtship just by his appearance at Tottenham, his skills must be coveted by any club as well as Tottenham.

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