Information leakage boundaries are meaningless…Except for all of his teammates Kim Min-jae, he was defeated in the second half despite a skit in which he hurriedly replaced him

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, faced China in the second Group C match of the 2026 FIFA Asian qualifying round held at the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, China, at 9 p.m. on the 21st and won 3-0.

With the victory, South Korea maintained its top position in the group with six points (eight scoreless points) from two games. At the same time, Thailand, which lost its first game, beat Singapore 3-1 and rose to second place ahead of China in points tie (1 win and 1 loss) and gains and losses (Thailand +2, China +1).

An official press conference was held a day before the showdown. Director Klinsmann and Kim Min-jae were present. Organizers gave most of the questions to Chinese journalists. There were many Korean reporters at the scene, but they were rarely given a chance to ask questions to Korean players. 토토사이트

Chinese reporters’ attention was focused on Kim Min-jae, who played for Beijing Guoan in the Chinese Super League from 2019 to 2021. A Chinese reporter asked if Kim Min-jae is still in contact with Beijing players.

Kim Min-jae said, “I’m also in contact with the players I played at the time. “I’m also part of the national team.” Then, Chinese reporters were concerned that information on Chinese players would be leaked due to Kim Min-jae.

Currently, Chinese national team coach Aleksandar Jankovic is considering whether to use 300 or 500 to prevent South Korean players such as Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in. China held its last training session completely behind closed doors. This is to prevent formation from being exposed.

Soccer China said, “Urey’s speed and personal skills in counterattack are the most important factors that determine victory. The Chinese national team conducted the final training completely behind closed doors. Jankovic is very cautious about what kind of formation he will play against Korea. China will keep the formation a secret until the end,” he said, expecting a victory over the Korean War.

“Kim Min-jae, who played in the Super League, could leak information about Chinese players,” he said.

In fact, when the list was released, it was found that the Chinese media and the national team were wary of Kim Min-jae’s information leakage. On the same day, China took a four-back stand. In addition, all Beijing players were excluded from the midfield and defense. First of all, non-mainstream players such as Jang Winning and Gaoten were naturally excluded.

This wasn’t the end. The Chinese national team excluded left wingback Li Lei, who played full time against Thailand, and central naturalized player Nicker (Nico Yenares) from the midfield in the lineup against Korea. As all four Beijing players on the list were missing, they really started to block information leakage due to Kim Min-jae.

Of course, he was overwhelmed in his ability regardless of the unnecessary variable of information leakage. As South Korea’s attacks continued from the first half, captain Son Heung-min scored two goals, quickly deciding the match. On top of that, Joo Cheon-je, who was appointed instead of Li Lei to prevent information leakage, committed a reckless foul on Hwang Hee-chan and gave him a penalty kick.

In fact, it was meaningless for China to be wary of information leakage. Unlike the three-back in the match against Thailand, he played as a four-back in the match against Korea, but he attacked the opponent comfortably. Due to the overwhelming difference in the individual weight class, it was an atmosphere that was not properly resisted.

In a hurry, China threw a winning move in the 15th minute of the second half by putting in Zhang Winning and Li Ke. Rather than being wary of information leakage, he seemed to somehow use a better player. Still, he failed to resist helplessly and experienced defeat at home.

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