He received a lot of criticism when he stopped by Korea in September. Are you planning to continue your overseas business trip?

Fans are constantly aware of their concerns. But I think we’re going to the starting point that we’ve always talked about. I think my method is because my work is very different from the previous national team coaches, but if you are a national team coach, you should expand your international perspective. If I were a K-League manager, I would be in Korea of course. This is how I work and I’m always doing my job wherever I am. It’s my life that I’ve been this busy. Rather than make a difference, I know myself that I’m putting everything into it for the team. I will continue to take the same form of work as I do now. And I’m also watching the K League steadily.

There are criticisms that he focuses on other tasks such as appearing on ESPN in the U.S? 안전놀이터

If there is a soccer talk show in Korea, please invite me. It is to study modern soccer together. That’s not my job. I work with ‘Sky Italia’ and ‘BBC’ as well as ‘ESPN’. But it’s not a job. It is to check the changes and trends of modern soccer. It is trying to broaden its international horizons. If there is a soccer-related talk show in Korea at any time, I would like you to invite me.

Then, don’t you get paid when you appear on a panel?

I don’t know how well you know about me. There are also many activities other than soccer, such as six children’s foundations, orphanages, and social donations. I will not stop this. You might think this is work, but it’s happiness for me.

I wonder what you think about the Japanese national team.

When I was on the U.S. national team, I think it’s similar to my relationship with Mexico. I want to meet you at the Asian Cup. At some point, Mexico is afraid of the United States. There may be a risk of defeat, but it must be obtained through a face-off with a rival. You should not be afraid of the consequences. I want to meet Japan in the Asian Cup final.

How are you going to use Lee Kang-in?

It will actively utilize it. I spoke with Luis Enrique, manager of PSG. It is too early to say that Lee Kang-in is the starting resource for PSG. He has to fight for the starting position and will help the national team to play.

-Why did Korea not win the Asian Cup recently unlike the Asian Games?

I’m cautious because I don’t know history deeply. The Asian Games and the Asian Cup are hard to compare. Military problems may be at stake and may differ in psychological aspects. I don’t think there will be any team more desperate than South Korea in the Asian Games.

-Are you checking on newcomers in the K League?

We are having a lot of conversations about which players are performing well. There may also be changes as young players compete and secure their seats. I’m thinking about it. It’s interesting to watch, and I’m trying to find a gem.

Meanwhile, the South Korean national team, led by head coach Klinsmann, will face Tunisia at the Sangam World Cup Stadium on the 13th. It will then move to Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 17th to face Vietnam.

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