Gateway casino deal could be renewed next week, workers union says

Negotiations between striking Gateway casino employees and their employers could resume next Tuesday. Workers’ unions representing Playtime casino employees have asked to hold contract negotiations from July 9-11, explaining that workers’ representatives are ready for the next phase of negotiations and are waiting for the arbitrator to confirm that he will be available on the date mentioned above.

Employers at the Gateway Casino were ready to hold talks as scheduled during the scheduled period from July 4-6, but resumption of the scheduled talks was prevented by scheduling problems.

More than 700 casino employees quit their jobs at gambling venues in Vernon, Kelowna, Camroups and Penticton last Friday. Mr Pergala says casino employees have received support from several other unions that have joined the picket line. 카지노사이트

Nevertheless, the union, which represents workers’ interests, says the two parties are still far from reaching an agreement on employees’ wages. The starting salary of a casino worker at the location of the Gateway Casino is now equal to the minimum wage in British Columbia, which is C$12.65 an hour, and the union has argued that it should be raised to C$18.63 an hour. On the other hand, employers at Gateway Casino said no salary negotiations had taken place at all before the strike began. The gambling operator also said that employees’ hourly wages have always been supplemented by tips from customers to employees.

Casino owners claim wages haven’t been settled yet
The gambling operator said the union had decided to end adjustment negotiations before discussions on wages could be held. The union’s decision to go on strike even before wages are settled was unfortunate for both businesses and workers, according to the company that currently runs the Playtime Casino.

Furthermore, Gateway Casino called on the union to make clear that it wants employees who disagree with the strike to continue working, and the casino operator described the union’s demand as “shocking” and said a 60% to 80% pay rise would be a strain on any business.

The casino is open even at the time of the strike, but it operates at a shorter time. It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and works from noon to 2 a.m. from Wednesday to Sunday, with limited services and games.

A few weeks ago, in June, a casino report said workers’ strike action could shut down four Gateway casinos in Okanagan. The strike action was approved by staff at Playtime Casino in Kelowna, Cascade Casino in Penticton and Camloops and Lake City Casino in Vernon.

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