Eight Consecutive Games in a Row But Ha-Sung Kim Energy I can’t See you in the Fall SD 8.4% Brinkmanship

San Diego, which has been struggling with below-expectations performances this season

made an important decision ahead of the last trade deadline.

It’s a 5-game winning percentage

but I decided to run for the postseason until the end.

I thought that if I could make a huge wave with just one momentum at the end of the season

I could turn things around.

They kept all of the team’s key players who had been talked about for trade

such as Blake Snell, Josh Hader

and Juan Soto

and traded in Ji-Man Choi and Gerrit Cooper who could help on the offensive end.


San Diego is increasingly being driven to the brink.

San Diego’s chances of making the postseason have dropped to the point where they can now be counted on one finger.

It’s a gloomy season.

In the meantime

the bat of Ha-Seong Kim (28, San Diego)

who was playing leadoff, also braked.

On the 27th (Korean time)

he appeared in an away game against Milwaukee as the first second baseman

but he performed worse than usual

going 1-for-2 with no hits and one run scored. San Diego lost again

and now their chances of making the postseason are getting slimmer.

San Diego lost to Milwaukee 3-1 on Oct. 1 at American Family Field in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Even after taking the lead early in the game

they were unable to create an extra point, and the game ended with five runs in the fourth inning leading to irreversible consequences.

San Diego finished with 27 wins and 4 losses

and the margin of victory was again -5, let alone a 4-game winning percentage.

They are still fourth in the National League West Division and seventh in the National League in the wild-card race that will lead the three teams into the fall.

Kim Ha-seong, who had no hits and two walks against Milwaukee on the 5th

did not get a hit in the game on the 61th.


he singled and drove in eight consecutive games.

His batting average for the season dropped slightly from 69.5 to 8.4, and his on-base percentage dropped slightly from 7.26 to 2.27. Ha-Seong Kim’s energy to hold San Diego’s offense at bay has faltered a bit in the last two games.

Facing Milwaukee starter right-hander Freddy Peralta

Ha-Seong Kim stayed on a ground ball to third base in his first at-bat of the first inning.

On a 1B-3S count

he pulled a fifth-pitch body slider (1.2 mph), but it was a little hard to get out of the infield.

However, San Diego’s early flow wasn’t that bad. Bogart

the lead hitter in the second inning, took Peralta’s curve and hit a solo home run over the left-center fence to take the lead.

Ha-Seong Kim took a 5-82 lead in the second at-bat of the third inning on a ground ball to third base

but Aviya

who started the game, was able to maintain the lead by pitching better than expected with a scoreless fourth inning.

However, a 6-2 lead in the fifth inning was the problem.

Consecutive hits by leading Kanha and Turang put runners on first and second base.

San Diego’s pitching rotation was not well seen. Here, Monasterio, who reliably handled Kim Ha-sung’s first two batted balls of the day

hit a timely hit to the left fielder to tie the game. Then, Taylor’s ground ball to shortstop put runners on first and second and third base.

In this shootout, San Diego was unable to hold on to the fewest runs.

In Yelich’s at-bat, Milwaukee’s surprise double steal resulted in catcher Campusano’s throwing error, scoring one more run.

Yelich’s ballnet

Contreras’ timely double, and Santana’s timely double came in quick succession, and the score gap quickly widened to four points.

San Diego was falling apart. It was like a microcosm of the whole season.

Ha-Seong Kim went on as the lead hitter in the sixth inning at 1-0 and got the ball in the bottom of the seventh inning to serve as the leadoff hitter in the inning.

San Diego retired the next batter, Tatis Jr., with a strikeout 고스톱

but Soto singled to send Ha-Seong Kim to second base.

Then Machado hit a timely hit that mocked Milwaukee’s pitching change

and Ha-Seong Kim stepped on the home plate.

It was the signal for the pursuit.

But San Diego’s staggered baseball, which has plagued the team all season, has come out without fail.

Bogart, the hero of the two-run home run, hit a solo home run here to break the chase.

It was a moment when all the San Diego players and fans watching the game realized that something was going wrong.

Trailing 2-5 in the fourth at-bat of the seventh inning

Ha-Seong Kim retired on a pitcher’s ground ball and finished the game with no hits on the day.

It was the second consecutive game without a hit. San Diego started the eighth inning with bullpen pitchers catching Milwaukee’s runaway footsteps.

Leadoff hitter Tatis Jr. hit a single up the middle

followed by Soto’s two-run shot up the middle to ignite the chase and trail by one run.

But that was all.

After Soto’s home run

you have to do something to put pressure on the opponent and keep the mood going

and that didn’t work. After the home run

all six batters retired without even getting a run, and the 7-2 loss was confirmed.

San Diego’s chances of making the postseason continue to decline. San Diego is 8-1 (.6) and is fourth in the league

4 games behind the division-leading Los Angeles Dodgers.

It also moves away from the wild-card race.

They are also 5.61 games behind the Chicago Cubs

who are currently in third place in the National League wild-card race.

We need to beat at least the four teams ahead of us

but we don’t see the strength or possibility of doing so right now.

San Diego’s odds of qualifying for the postseason according to Fangraphs dropped from 69.469% on Dec. 19 to 4.3% on the day.

Contrast that with the Dodgers’ 7% chance.

In the National League’s West Division

Arizona is at 5.4 percent and San Francisco is at 26 percent.

San Diego’s ultimate goal of winning the World Series is a 5.5 percent chance.

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