Circa Sports To Pay $15.2 Million In 2023/2024 NFL Tournament

Circa Survivor and Circa Million V, sports betting operators Circa Sports’ professional soccer tournament, made an exciting finish this weekend, with a record $15.2 million being paid among the winners. “When we started these tournaments, we knew the prize had to be one of the most coveted things in all sports betting,” said Circa Sports CEO Derek Stevens. “Every year we raised the stakes, and this was the biggest level-up of all. Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to seeing what the 2024/2025 season brings.” 토토사이트

The biggest prize of $9,267,000 was split between the four Circa Survivor finalists, Circa Master, IndianaJet, Jax Jags, and LA Jonner. The four winners finished the season 20-0, giving each $2,316,750. In Circa Million V, Saint31 took home an entire season, $1 million in first-place money and the coveted handmade Circa Sports Blue Jacket. The Circa Million V tournament came to an end, with Saint31 and contestant RDLOWN taking a half-point gap with the start of the final regular season games. Buffalo secured the win over Miami and the Saint31’s top prize. During the professional soccer season, Circa Million V gave RDLOWN a total of $6 million, including $500,000 for second place overall and $375,000 for third place each for Two Guns and the LPCA.

Circa Survivor 2023/2024 is back with $8 million in no-rake and a guaranteed hefty payout for the last entry standings, with extra funds added, because the entry was exceeded. The contest consisted of up to 20 legs throughout the year, with one added per week of the football season and one added for a special fortnight. Each week, participants had to choose a team to win back-to-back games, but a player could not choose the same team twice during the season. Thanksgiving/Black Friday and Christmas were each considered their own contest weeks. Entries were eliminated from the contest by choosing a team that lost or tied the game that week.

During the Circa Million V tournament, each player selected five professional soccer matches to prevent spread each week. One point was given for each correct choice and 1.5 points for each push. Each entry in the Circa Million V cost $1,000 and there were a maximum of five entries per person. The tournament did not include rakes, and extra fees went into the quarterly and entire season’s cash pool.

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