Choo Shin-soo ♥ Ha Won-mi, youngest daughter = “I was an immature parent…”

Park Won-mi, wife of baseball player Choo Shin-soo, revealed her youngest daughter who is active as a cheerleader. On Jan. 2, a video titled “Korea’s Daily Life ㅣ Take Care of the Youngest Daughter (feat. Youngest Daughter, Cheerleading, Chatting Time)” was posted on the official channel of Park Won-mi. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

“My youngest daughter, Sohee, is a stunt cheerleader. I’m going to go and see her practice,” Ha Won-mi said in the released video. “Stunt cheerleading uses high-level techniques such as tumbling, tossing, and building human pyramids, unlike dance cheerleading.”

Currently, Ha Won-mi’s daughter So-hee is playing for the national stunt cheerleading team. Ha Won-mi said, “I practice 3-4 times a week because it’s a high-level technique. It’s cool to see them cheer. It’s fun to build a human pyramid and throw it.”

When she visited the practice room, she was amazed to see her daughter practicing. While talking with her daughter during break time, she also moved to a quiet place to read books or prepare Pilates lessons.

“When the children were young, they had a lot of physical difficulties. The first and second children also had a lot of physical and psychological difficulties as they played baseball. I think I was a little immature as a parent because I had a child when I was immature,” she recalled.

“I thought the hardships would last forever. I thought I would only raise my child until I die, but later I realized that my mom and me were a part of my life,” he said. “Time has come when they don’t need my hands anymore. I am sad, but now they comfort my mom,” he said with a happy smile.

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