High-Intensity Training

The women’s national soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, focused on training for the 2023 FIFA Australia and New Zealand Women’s World Cup at Paju NFC on the 26th. About a month before the first group match against Colombia scheduled for the 25th of next month, the national team fell in heavy rain due to the influence of the rainy season front, but focused on high-intensity training that they aimed for.

Coach Bell called 31 players, more than the final World Cup roster with 23 players, and called them for the first time on the 18th, except for some players such as Ji So-yeon , Cho So-hyun , Lee Geum-min, and Yoon Young-gle. And on the 23rd, all players gathered at Paju NFC and began quenching in earnest.

Coach Bell emphasized mental armament based on his strong physical strength, saying, “We need players to play for more than 100 minutes,” as a requirement to include “100% performance,” not his name. Until recently, Bellho has been focusing on strengthening his physical strength, such as running repeatedly in the hell section even in the scorching heat.

Only veteran striker Park Eun-sun, who has an ankle sprain, and Son Hwa-yeon (Incheon Hyundai Steel), who is in poor condition, were excluded from the normal training. All the remaining 29 players became a group by position and played the high-intensity training program that Bell aims for. Coach Bell demanded running on the premise of recognizing the situation and played with the players in the rain. Although the weather was bad, veterans such as Cho So-hyun and Ji So-yeon, as well as young players born in 2007 such as Casey Eugene Fair (PDA), the first mixed-race player of the women’s A team, and Kwon Da-eun participated in the “World Cup Mode.”

“Belho” will play a warm-up match against Haiti at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 8th of next month. After confirming the final list of 23 players, he will head to Sydney, Australia, where the final match will be held on the 10th.

Cho So-hyun, who wore the captain’s armband and experienced success and failure in the round of 16 at the 2015 World Cup in Canada and the elimination of the 2019 World Cup in France, said proudly, “I don’t know how far the coach thinks, but I want to go to the quarterfinals.” Having played 144 games (25 goals) in his A match, he holds Ji So-yeon and tied for first place in the most appearances among male and female players. Born in 1988, this could be the last World Cup stage. Cho So-hyun said, “I’m still greedy. “If you take good care of your body, wouldn’t you be able to do more?” Regarding Bell’s high-intensity training, he said, “Modern football has a fast transition. It was hard at first, but I think I should run like this. “The forward pass and speed are better than before,” he was satisfied. 토토

Along with Cho So-hyun, Lee Young-joo, a key back agent, returned to the national team a year after shaking off a cruciate ligament injury. Having participated in the 2019 French Games, he is hoping for a good performance, taking advantage of his failure at the time. Lee Young-joo said, “I was called up to the national team again, and I feel grateful every hour,” adding, “While playing in Europe, I understood the coach’s high-intensity training.” He said, “I used to accept it as playing strongly and a lot, but it means to play soccer densely inside the stadium.”


Kia’s “Captain” empty glove tag…Didn’t work for a 29 year referee!

The match between Kia and LG of the 2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League was held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 25th.

Kia’s Lee Eui-ri took the mound as a starter, and LG’s Kim Yoon-sik took the mound as a starter. Kia starter Lee Eui-ri gave up three walks in the bottom of the first and second innings, but managed the crisis without losing a point. 바카라사이트

Kia took the chance first in the top of the fourth inning, which was tight at 0-0. In the top of the fourth inning, leadoff hitter Na Sung-bum hit a double to Kim Yoon-sik to get on base, and second baseman Na Sung-bum advanced to third base when Choi Hyung-woo grounded out to second base.

Third baseman Na Sung-beom took the lead by scoring the first run when Socrates grounded out to second base in the first run chance with one out.

LG’s first baseman Oh Ji-hwan attempted to steal second base in the bottom of the sixth inning when Garcia was on first base with two outs. Catcher Han Seung-taek’s throw, embarrassed by a quick start, fell back.

Kia’s Kim Sun-bin, who entered the defense, failed to catch the ball, but tagged Oh Ji-hwan with an empty glove. The timing was a perfect out. Then, with his glove closed, he held out toward Moon Seung-hoon’s second base umpire and made eye contact.

However, referee Moon Seung-hoon, who has been a KBO league referee since 1993, did not budge when he saw Kim Sun-bin’s behavior. Stupid Kim Sun-bin returned to the defensive position as if nothing had happened, and Oh Ji-hwan achieved a career 4,700 steals.


Red Stag Casino

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Casinos usually like to keep their guests inside. Like this

Casinos offer gamblers many free items, from drinks and food to special bonuses for high rollers. With luck, performers and bands can offer live shows for free. Whenever casinos succeed in something like this, they use any trick to stop you from leaving.

Gambling can establish all kinds of blatant and subtle ways to encourage you to keep paying to play. Music, atmosphere, and decoration can make you addicted to casinos. Gambling casinos, like anything else on the planet, have both advantages and disadvantages. Everyone who has been to such a place recognizes this. You have to play in the casino and see if you’re vulnerable or benefiting.


Join Insurance Baccarat Games at Trusted Casino Kuvet

Baccarat online card games are no longer unfamiliar, but not everyone knows how to play Baccarat with insurance. Do you play baccarat games with insurance? In the next article, Kuvet will answer this question.

Join the famous Kuvette Booky’s Play Bakara to experience this fascinating model. 파친코

What is an insurance baccarat?
Insurance Barcarat is a type of betting that has just been introduced and included in Barcarat card games in recent years, but is highly supported by players, who will use it to deal with losing situations and increase their chances of winning, a form of betting that brings profits to players in the betting process.

Bakara Insurance can be understood as follows. Players will increase the amount after betting and trading cards (the extra amount is not in the betting capital, but in the insurance). Bet on a dealer or other player.

If the opponent wins with this insurance baccarat bet, the game will reduce the victory of the insurance betting user. That means that the loss of bets is also greatly reduced. This extra money goes a long way to ensure that players don’t lose all their bets quickly when they’re in the game.

Players must have calculation and flexibility in using Baccarat insurance bets up to the maximum amount, such as the main chance, and if insurance betting users score higher than their opponents, players can add insurance amounts proportionally after play.

Bakara Insurance Regulations
It sounds confusing, but making baccarat insurance bets has the same rules as doing regular baccarat. Two cards will be awarded for each player and banker bet. Insurance betting is only active when the banker or player pulls and opens the card before drawing the third card. The result is calculated because the side with 8 or 9 is the winner.

In the Baccarat game, each player can only bet on insurance once, so players need to know how to calculate it so they can use it properly. Dividends are based on the amount bets made on the banker’s hand or the player’s hand. One thing to note is that the winnings from insurance bets do not exceed the amount of principal bets.

How to Bet on Simple Insurance Baccarat for New Players
When you activate the insurance betting mode, the Baccarat game screen automatically displays insurance bets with explicit content such as betting chips and betting limits, which you can rely on to make the right choice. [Voiceover] That’s right. If you don’t meet the requirements of your insurance bet, you’ll have to wait for another player to complete your insurance bet and then make a bet. Playing Baccarat with insurance is very simple.

You must first observe the total score of the first two cards of the Banker and Player Betting. The score of the two doors, the Banker and the Player, is then compared to determine whether the Dealer or Player will bet on insurance. If you put an insurance bet on the banker’s side, when the player won, you won the insurance bet, and vice versa.

the most popular insurance bets
When you participate in a Baccarat insurance bet, you can bet in the house or in the player, and you have the flexibility to choose two cases of the Baccarat insurance bets below:

payment of insurance from home
In this situation, the player compares the sum of the first two cards. If your home score is higher, you should choose insurance bets on your home side.

At the end of the game, if the player wins, the insurance bet wins, and if the house bet wins, the amount is lost, but since there is an insurance bet, the amount of loss is not as much as when betting and there is no fear of fraud.

Player’s insurance bets.
Like insurance bets made at home, players’ baccarat insurance bets should compare the total score of the first two cards and select player insurance bets if the player’s total score is higher.

If the house wins after the game, the insurance better wins and gets the money. On the contrary, if it makes sense, the insurance betters will be deducted. But the big benefit is that no matter where the insurance better is, the player loses only a small amount when he loses the opportunity.


“Cutie Pool” that shines even in heavy rain…”What’s the use of the towel you hung on your umbrella?”

Heavy rain poured down until the morning in the third round of the 11th KG·E-Daily Ladies Open (total prize money of 700 million won) held at Sunning Point CC in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province on the 4th.

Park Hyun-kyung, Kim Hee-ji and Kim Ji-young 2 started at 9 a.m. on the first tee. In the heavy rain, the players wore raincoats and swung vigorously.

Park Hyun-kyung, Kim Hee-ji, and Kim Ji-young 2 each headed for the second shot with a large umbrella. Among them, Park Hyun-kyung was hung on a towel on her umbrella. Park Hyun-kyung watched with a strange expression as the towel shook from side to side every time she walked. 토토

Park Se-soo, a former KPGA Tour player and who has been wearing his daughter Park Hyun-kyung’s golf bag since 2020, explained the purpose of the towel as follows. “Nothing special. “I just wear it on my umbrella to wipe and hit it quickly if the grip is wet,” he replied coolly.

Park Hyun-kyung chased at the last minute with five birdies in the third round and 68 strokes (2nd in the third round), but unfortunately, she tied for 10th with Hong Jung-min and Park Ji-young with a final total of 8-under.

Park Hyun-kyung, who took a honey-flavored break during the Chuseok holiday, will participate in the “KB Financial Star Championship” (total prize money of 1.2 billion won) at Blackstone Icheon CC from the 15th and aim for her first win of the season.

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung-mi won her first career title at the 11th KG·E-Daily Ladies Open, her 65th appearance.

He birdied Kim Soo-ji in the first game of extra time and won the championship trophy by beating Kim Soo-ji, who ended up with a par.


Neymar Play in Japan Ticket Price Cheaper in Korea

When Neymar (31, PSG) played full-time in Korea, Japanese fans are dissatisfied.

PSG beat Jeonbuk Hyundai 3-0 in a friendly match held at Asiad Main Stadium in Busan on the 3rd.

Neymar delighted Korean fans by shooting multi-goal celebrations without substitutions in hot weather.

Neymar, who was resentful for his ‘no show’ in three Japanese tour games, broke expectations against Jeonbuk and played full-time as a starter.

Neymar led PSG to a great victory by scoring multiple goals with fantastic skills.

Neymar looked set to be substituted in the second half.

However, Neymar, who quenched his thirst with water, played with Lee Kang-in,

who came as a substitute in the 24th minute of the second half, and matched each other in real life for the first time.

 In the end, Neymar broke expectations and digested full-time. 바카라사이트

 After undergoing rehabilitation after his ankle surgery, he reassured fans by showing 100% comeback skills.

However, Neymar’s play made Japanese fans uncomfortable.

This is because Neymar did not play a single second in his three matches in Japan.

 Lionel Messi has already transferred and Kylian Mbappe has been excluded from the Asian tour due to conflicts with the club.

 PSG actively promoted Neymar and reaped huge profits from the Japanese tour,

but Neymar did not play even for a second, causing criticism.

What made Japanese fans even more angry was the price of PSG tickets in Japan.

Tickets in Japan were much more expensive than in Korea, but it was because Neymar played full-time in Korea.

 From the Japanese consumer’s point of view, they bought a lower quality product at a much higher price.

The ‘Hospitality Special Ticket’, where you can watch the game from the VIP seats and provided the best meal,

was sold out despite the incredible price of 3 million yen (approximately 27.27 million won).

 A first-class ticket for PSG vs. Cerezo Osaka was 100,000 yen (approximately 930,000 won),

and a ticket for PSG vs. Inter Milan reached 200,000 yen (approximately 1.87 million won).

An open training ticket to see PSG training was also set at 8,000 yen (approximately 70,000 won).

Japanese fans were willing to open their wallets at the thought of being able to see Neymar and other superstars.

 When Neymar did not appear in the second half of the game, Japanese fans chanted “Neymar” by name.

 After the match, Neymar apologized for his absence.

Tickets for PSG vs.

Jeonbuk were also expensive.

 Premium A seats reached 500,000 won. 

1st class 320,000 won, 2nd class 180,000 won, 3rd class 120,000 won.

It was such an exorbitant price that I could buy a K-League season pass. However, compared to Japan, the price is relatively cheap.

 Fans who came to Busan watched Neymar’s multi-goal and Lee Kang-in’s participation and paid off with expensive tickets.

Japanese media such as ‘Sports Hochi’ said, “The fans understood that Neymar did not play in Japan due to physical condition problems.

 However, just two days later, when Neymar played full-time in Korea and scored two goals,

the reaction was incomprehensible. 

Can I understand that my condition has improved in just two days?” He expressed a question.

Then, the media said, “The excessively expensive ticket price was controversial even before the game.

 The average ticket price was twice that of Korea.

Even if PSG comes to Japan next time, we will not be able to expect the same reaction as before.”

PSG is known to have made a profit of 13 million euros (approximately 18.6 billion won) as a result of the Japan tour last year. 

The enthusiasm was so great that more than 45,000 tickets for the 8,000 yen open training were sold. 

Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar superstar trio played a big role.

This year, PSG expects 20 million euros (approximately 28.7 billion won)

in revenue from the Japanese tour, much higher than last year.

 However, as many stars are absent, Japanese fans are also very disappointed. 

It is inevitable that PSG will be criticized for considering only the commercial aspect of the Japanese tour.

 Neymar in Japan, like Ronaldo in Korea, has hardened his unlikable image.


First History Ohtani Alone Ignored the Injury of 40 guns

“Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) has been named the first player since 1920, when the live ball era opened.”

Injuries do not stop Ohtani. The American press was stunned by another first record set by Ohtani. On the 4th (Korean time),

Ohtani appeared as the second hitter and starting pitcher in the game against the Seattle Mariners in the ‘2023 Major League’ held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA.

On the mound, in the aftermath of right middle finger cramps, he recorded 스포츠토토 4 innings, 3 hits, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts and no runs, and came down early.

American sports media

‘ESPN’ said, ‘Ohtani was the first player in the live ball era (1920~) to hit a home run, steal a base, and not give up a single point from the mound while reaching base four times in the same game. It is no exaggeration to say that it was a day that properly showed what a two-time superstar is.

Ohtani must have been disappointed in himself on the mound that day. The content of the pitch itself was good. Out of 59 pitches, 41 strikes were aggressive pitches.

It was well done, the highest fastball speed was 100.2 miles (16.2 km per hour), and the average speed was 98.7 miles (158.8 km).

Ohtani’s average

Ohtani’s average fastball speed this season was 96.9 miles (155.9 km), so it can be said that his pitch was much better than usual.

Other pitches were also powerful: fastball (22) and sweeper (23), while throwing mainly two pitches, slider (4), curve (3), splitter (3), cutter (3), sinker (1), etc. He threw all the pitchable pitches and put the Seattle batters to rest.

However, before pitching in the top of the 5th inning, he was suddenly replaced with Jose Soriano. It was a replacement made at the request of Ohtani himself.

As a designated hitter, I guessed that it would not be a major injury while remaining in the game. It was possible.

The reason the club revealed was right hand spasm. After the game,

Ohtani explained specifically to local reporters in the United States that “the middle finger of his right hand had cramps.”

Phil Nevin

Angels manager Phil Nevin said, “Ohtani said that the middle finger of his right hand would cramp and it would be difficult to throw the ball any more.

I always believe in Ohtani and his body. It was my fingers, so I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. But (finger condition) I will check. There was no problem hitting.”

Everyone was surprised by the injury of ace Ohtani. Even more amazing things happened after that. Ohtani with the bat was still hot regardless of his injury.

After two outs in the bottom of the 6th inning with the score trailing 0-1,

Ohtani scored well with a ball count of 3-0, and Seattle starting pitcher Brian Wu deliberately chose the 4th pitch.

Ohtani shook Wu further by stealing second base the next time CJ Cron at bat. Season 14 stolen base.

Cron was able to balance 1-1 with a timely hit in the middle due to Ohtani moving into scoring range.

The Angels began to lead 2-1 as Mike Moustakas’ 1-run turnaround double hit at the right time.

Ohtani’s Game

Ohtani did not stop and even hit a home run in the bottom of the 8th inning.

After one company, he attacked Seattle bullpen Isaiah Campbell’s 96.2 mph fastball and connected it with a solo gun in Woojungwol. 

It was a valuable shot to widen the distance to 3-1., the homepage of Major League Baseball, said, “Ohtani proved that finger cramps in the eighth cannot stop him at bat.

He gave the Angels an extra run by stealing a dominant home run from Campbell.

Ohtani is the first player to hit the 40 home run mark in the major leagues this season, and he is running the pace of 59 home runs this year.

An even more surprising thing happened in the top of the ninth inning.

Carlos Esteves

Carlos Esteves, who came out as the closer, collapsed with 2 hits (1 home run), 2 walks, 3 strikeouts and 4 runs in 1 inning, and lost 3-5.

It was the moment Ohtani’s one-man show collapsed. The shock was even greater because Esteves was a reliable finisher with 23 saves and 5 wins this year.

Esteves recorded the first blown save of the season.

The Angels decided not to trade Ohtani and take him until this year

 It was a choice with a will to challenge the playoffs in virtually the last season with

Ohtani. Ohtani, as always, is in the American League MVP race, but the Angels aren’t.

With this loss, the Angels recorded a season record of 56 wins and 54 losses

leaving them with a 4-game gap with the Toronto Blue Jays (60-50), third in the American League Wild Card.

First of all, Ohtani wants to do his best for the Angels for the rest of the season.

Regarding the condition of the fingers, he said, “It’s hard to say whether I should skip a day or one appearance.

Such discussions and decisions are up to coach Nevin and the club. But I don’t want to miss any games in the future.”


Modern pentathlon “We are responsible for the first gold medal!”

In the Hangzhou Asian Games, which are approaching in the next 50 days, our team’s first gold medal is likely to be modern pentathlon. Athletes are spending this hot summer with the goal of winning four gold medals and winning all events.

The modern pentathlon team’s day starts at 5:30 in the morning.

Repeat shooting after sprinting for 600m, and after running 15km for 2 hours,

[Choi Eun-jong/Modern pentathlon national team coach: Let’s pull one more second!]

The reason I put on icing gel and dip my feet in the ice box is to run again.먹튀검증

[Jeon Woong-tae/Modern Pentathlon National Representative: Since it is still early in the morning, I tend to do it consistently (by dipping my feet in an ice box) with the feeling that I should recover my legs more and finish afternoon and morning training well.] Swimming, fencing, and horseback

riding After that, you have to sweat for more than 9 hours until night weight training to end the long day.

[Jeon Woong-tae/Modern pentathlon national representative: You saw it. I’m training from 5:30 now…]

[Jeong Jin-hwa/Modern Pentathlon National Representative: I only shower 4 times a day. No. 4!]

Modern pentathlon is expected to be the first gold medal event for our team, as medals are given out the day after the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

[Jung Jin-hwa/Modern pentathlon national representative: We modern pentathlon players must make the first start well so that the rest of the athletes can receive that energy…] In the last competition, where there was only an individual exhibition, two male and female athletes participated, and all of them won medals around their necks

. However, this time, a team event was held, so the number of participating players increased to 4 male and female, and it is possible to win up to 4 gold medals and win all events.

Our athletes, all eight of whom have world-class skills, compete in good faith in the individual event


In the team event, I am determined to join forces and fly the national flag in the sky of Hangzhou.

[Jeon Woong-tae/Modern pentathlon national representative: It would be good if you look forward to seeing such a wonderful appearance of all the Korean (modern pentathlon) players climbing the podium.

] Eun Lim Chan-hyuk)


World Cup, even if the odds are slim… “No giving up!”

  • In the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Korean national team will play the final group stage match against Germany tomorrow (3rd). He expressed his resolute determination to never give up no matter how slim the odds are.

The national team arrived in Brisbane, the final battleground, one day before the match against Germany, and finished off training.

In order for us to reach the round of 16, we need a ‘miracle’ to beat Germany, second in the FIFA rankings, by a 5-goal margin, and Colombia to beat Morocco. Colin Bell acknowledged the slim odds, but emphasized that there is no giving up.바카라사이트

[Colin Bell/Women’s World Cup Team Coach: There is only ‘this much’ chance of beating Germany 5-0. Still, as long as there is even this much potential, there is no giving up.]

The players are of the same mind.

[Ji So-yeon/Women’s World Cup national team striker: I will not give up and will do my best until the end.]

[Lee Young-ju/Women’s World Cup national team defender: The door is not closed to us, but it is open even a little, so we plan to run until we die.] 5

years During the All-Russian World Cup, although Korea was eliminated in the group stage, they defeated Germany 2-0 in the end and wrote the so-called ‘Miracle of Kazan’.

Regardless of whether they advance to the round of 16 or not, fans are expecting and cheering for the players to stand up against Germany without giving up until the end.


Hongran, which is preserved as ‘everything is a memory’…”Smile and happy ending”

Hong Ran ended his 17-year tour career with the second round of the Hana Financial Group Championship (total prize money of 1.5 billion won, winning prize money of 270 million won) held at the Cheongna Bears Best Cheongna Golf Club (par 72/6,745 yards) in Incheon on the 30th.

Hong Ran was eliminated from the cut with a total of 145 strokes in the first and second rounds, tied for 65th. He could have advanced to the third round if he had reduced one stroke.

In the first round, Joo Seo-yul, who is two years younger, wore Hong-ran’s golf bag. Hong Ran smiled broadly and posed to the reporters in front of the No. 4 tee box, saying, “Please take a pretty picture of us, too.” Maybe I talked to him in person because I wanted to leave a memory.

When he entered the tee box in the second round, he greeted the galleries one by one and thanked them for their support. I made six greetings in the tea box alone. All of them are galleries and acquaintances who support Hong-ran. 바카라사이트

Hong Ran’s fans followed Hong Ran in the second round, further shining his final tour.

Hong Ran, who has been active on the regular tour since 2005, has the record of participating in 1,000 rounds for the first time in KLPGA with four career wins. Prior to this tournament, he played 1,047 rounds in 358 regular tours, and 287 times passed the preliminary round.

Hong Ran said, “I ended my tour life, which is my dream and life, for 17 years. “Looking back, it was really hard, but I’m grateful that I can end it happily with a smile like this at this moment,” he said.

He then said to his juniors, “I think it would be good if it had a good influence and was an example.” “I’m touched that my juniors told me that I’m a senior they want to resemble,” he said.

As for my future plans, I said, “I’ve done the same thing regularly for 14 years, so I want to do something new and interesting.”

Meanwhile, Hong Jung-min took the lead alone for two consecutive days with an 11-under 133 in the middle, while Lim Hee-jung and Yoo Hae-ran are chasing second place by two strokes.

Han Jin-sun and Lee Ye-won tied for fourth with 8-under 136, Choi Min-kyung and Jeon Woo-ri tied for sixth with 7-under 137, and Kim Soo-ji, Park Min-ji and Lee So-mi tied for ninth with 6-under 138. World No. 4 Lee Min-ji and No. 9 Kim Hyo-joo were eliminated side by side.