A series of unexpected illegal filming scandals

The problem broke out in June. A video of Hwang Ui-jo’s sexual activity was leaked through SNS. The person who distributed it threatened, saying, “Hwang Ui-jo took sexual activity videos with numerous women.” At that time, there was a lot of sympathy for Hwang Ui-jo as it was revealed that Hwang Ui-jo was constantly being threatened after losing his cell phone in Greece. This is because the sexual activity video was a leaked victim by someone else. Hwang Ui-jo also filed a complaint with the police and asked them to catch the blackmailer.

However, the situation changed drastically in mid-November. The police decided that Hwang was suspected of filming illegally during the investigation and turned him into a suspect. On top of that, the police arrested Hwang, who threatened Hwang, and the person was his brother-in-law who lived abroad together, cooked for him, and gave him convenience. 토토사이트

In addition, Hwang Ui-jo’s side added surprise by revealing the personal information that the person who claims to be “illegal filming” is now a married woman to a broadcaster. In response, those who claim illegal filming held a press conference and released a transcript that emphasized “I didn’t agree” and said “I told you I didn’t like it” to Hwang Ui-jo.

Hwang Ui-jo’s side continues to claim that it is an “agreed filming,” but if the other side continues to claim that it is not agreed, the word “agreed” will inevitably be overshadowed.

On top of that, the case is becoming more complicated as the blackmailer first identified himself as a “woman who met Hwang Ui-jo,” which inevitably leads to allegations of gossip such as “Was it an affair with his sister-in-law?”

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